back to article Xamarin: Design an app for Windows, iOS and Android ... from one codebase?

Perhaps the most striking feature of Microsoft's Build developer conference in April was the crowd that gathered to hear Xamarin's Mac-toting Miguel de Icaza talk about mobile apps – meaning, of course, his company's tools for targeting iOS and Android with C#, the premier language of Microsoft .NET. The session was so popular …


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  1. All names Taken
    Paris Hilton


    Didn't Adobe try something like this years ago when fondleslabs were mostly if not all iPad, iPhone thingies?

    1. Tom Chiverton 1

      Re: Adobe?

      Adobe AIR did and still does, when paired with Apache Flex allow this. It's incorrect for the article to state "It is not possible to develop native code for iOS without using a Mac to compile and build" as I've built .dpg on Windows.

      You only need a Mac to upload to the App Store right at the end because Apple are cocks.

  2. P_0

    I can vouch for Xamarin being really great. Not least because programming in C# is so much nicer than Java, or obj c. API is great,and the Xamarin IDE isnt too bad either (also good for Unity3d programming if you cant use Visual Studio).

    1. RyokuMas
      Thumb Up

      @P_0 - Seconded

      Thanks to Xamarin and Monogame, porting my games cross-platform between mobile devices is a breeze - sure, there's a bit of mucking about around a few device-specific issues (eg: app lifecycle handling), but the vast bulk of the code can just be switched across and works straight off the bat.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Chief troll Icaza

    Is at it again. And yet, not one sh1t was given.

    1. RyokuMas

      Re: Chief troll Icaza

      Nah, chief trolls don't give their names - they just hide behind anonymous accounts.

      ... unless Google pays them not to.

  4. breakfast Silver badge

    Interesting alternative for all the platforms

    I thought that was what JavaScript and HTML5 were for.

    Because JavaScript is such a great language that we should definitely make it completely ubiquitous.

    1. Psmo

      Re: Interesting alternative for all the platforms

      "Because JavaScript is such a great language that we should definitely make it completely ubiquitous"

      Think you just burnt out my sarcasm detector, there. JS/ HTML/ CSS are everywhere only really because they're already everywhere else. The moment a better engine is available i would hope that people would switch. Unfortunately, as the poor cat down the road found out, changing direction on anything with much momentum takes more effort than most will dedicate..

  5. joeldillon

    Or you could just use Qt, and target Macs, Linux, QNX and commercial Unices with the same codebase as well...

  6. James 51

    Don't blackberry already have an envrioment to do this with qt and c++?

  7. This post has been deleted by its author

  8. Bill Redmond

    Another option

    Or you could just use Intel XDK for the same effect.......

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    run on a bunch of platforms..

    And run on none of them particularly well.

    There's a reason so much of the mobile work floating around is not to develop new apps but to redo something that has been done with phonegap etc and that reason is that by making the app generic enough to run on totally different styles of user interface you basically lose access to all of the stuff makes an app nice to use. Users don't like apps that don't work like they expect or don't properly integrate with third party stuff like Facebook to make SSO work.

  10. Andrew Denton 1

    This is hardly revolutionary...

    ..Delphi offers iOS, Windows and Android development from the same code base. They're native code apps too.

  11. razorfishsl

    Ah…..h.h.h.h.hh.h.h … visual foxpro is back……

  12. Arch Lineberger

    Another dev environment

    Magic Software has had the capability to build cross-platform apps for iOS, Windows, and Android for several years now. It has drag-and drop controls and doesn't require C# or even VIsual Basic. In addition, the same program logic can be used from PCs on LANs to mainframes.

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