back to article Seagate in surprise $450m LSI Flash gobble

Wow! Didn’t see that one coming; Seagate has scooped up the LSI flash business from Avago, rewriting the flash product supply business at a stroke, and speeding the concentration of flash product supply into fewer hands. Avago bought LSI in December 2013 for a cool $6.6 billion. Now Seagate will buy LSI’s flash biz, the …


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  1. Don Jefe

    Title Valuation?

    How much is $450 LSI? Is that a lot?

    1. M. B.

      Re: Title Valuation?

      When I saw the $450 price tag, my first thought was that I would have offered at least $500.

      EDIT: They added "m" after the $450 literally two seconds ago. Dang.

  2. shalz

    What about CacheCade Pro 2.0 SW

    Doesn't LSI have CacheCade Pro SSD caching software? Doesn't that automatically now comes to Seagate with this acquisition?

    1. pierce

      Re: What about CacheCade Pro 2.0 SW

      cachecade is part of LSI's megaraid line, which I don't believe was involved in this.

  3. D@v3

    value of aquasitions, make no sense to me

    My mind boggles at how a nice real company that actually makes something it can sell and (potentially) profit from, (such as LSI) can be sold / brought for as little as £450m, where as something that has no (real) product, and no discernible revenue stream (whatsapp / instagram etc) can be sold / brought for beeeelions.

  4. Mpeler

    another "smart" move

    by Avago ( 'ave a go, won't you?), just like Lumileds a few years back....wonder if they made any money off the deal? If it goes like the LED stuff did, look for it to take off big time...good for Seagate and the folks at LSI, though....

    (As Spock might say, LSI, the logical move....) (gets me coat...)

  5. Herby

    Cheaper than...

    Beats Audio by almost an order of magnitude.

    $450M vs $4G

    Now "stuff" is cheaper than "thoughts". Who would have known.

    Tomorrow's headline:

    Fruity Factory buys Disk Drive vendor for $(fill in amount here). You heard it here first.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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