back to article Confirmed: Salesforce partners with 'evil empire' Microsoft

Salesforce is teaming up with Microsoft, a company Salesforce chief Marc Benioff used to call the "evil empire". Putting to rest rumors from earlier today, the two companies have announced they are burying the hatchet – and will team up so that Windows users can more easily access Salesforce's tech from within Microsoft's …


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  1. Mikel

    Vampires don't have partners

    The future outcome of these partnerships is writ in the contract itself always. Where is it writ that if Sales force dies, Microsoft gets what they really want.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This makes good sense for both SFDC and Microsoft gets to play MS against Oracle (who currently provides SFDC's database software) and keep Oracle rather honest about trying to bully SFDC. Microsoft gains a point of entry into a rapidly growing tech account, and potentially gets a cut of SFDC's database and data center business down the line.

  3. king of foo

    ms dynamics crm

    Is it any good? We currently have and I quite like it.

    The rest of the business finally want crm but don't like salesforce (I suspect lower cost +I.T. love affair with ms = the main driver). I am anticipating a "thou shalt use this instead" commandment pretty soon.

    Usually when this happens it turns out the "committee approved" software is shite. Is this the case? Is there a free developer version I can play around with? Can el reg commentards recommend dynamics? Any love/horror stories?

    1. Lusty

      Re: ms dynamics crm

      Dynamics, like Sharepoint, is an excellent product which is almost exclusively installed on inappropriate hardware (usually WAY too much memory and insufficient disk) and crippled by badly written customisation code added by IT staff.

      Often the main driver for bringing this type of thing internal is to make sure the information is locked down locally. Usually as a result of a recent breach where a salesperson leaves and takes all the customer info with them. It rarely works, but that's what I see happen :)

    2. dave 100

      Re: ms dynamics crm

      you can get a free trial here:

      1. king of foo

        Re: ms dynamics crm

        Thanks dave 100 I'll give it a whirl next week.

    3. Hollerith 1

      Re: ms dynamics crm

      Yes, we have Salesforce here and I think it is pretty darn good, although the sales team don't like it because they have to share their golden eggs (client contacts), i.e. the stuff that makes them valuable to a new company. All the more reason to have it. Making it sit better in our Microsoft environment will ease the hate from our IT guys, who groaned when they heard about Salesforce, as Yet Another Thing they had to own.

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: ms dynamics crm

      The company I work for (Fortune 100) is making the transition right now from SF to MS. You can get a 30 day free trial.

      The 2013 version of MS CRM is near par with SF, but you have to buy it piecemeal and assemble it. For example, document storage in SharePoint, whereas in SF it is included. Social in Yammer, whereas in SF they have Chatter included.

      It gives you options, but when you're checking the "all of the above" box, the configurations can be painful.

  4. John Sanders

    Somehow this deal

    Will only work for Microsoft.

    Quite complicated to cheat the devil.

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