back to article Mozilla launches Flame reference handset for Firefox OS

Mozilla has begun taking preorders for the Firefox OS Flame, a new developer handset that's a reference design for what the not-for-profit browser maker calls "mid-tier hardware" for its open source mobile OS. "Until now, there has been no 'reference device' and the options for getting something through retail were limited," …


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  1. tin 2

    Good luck with that.

    Went out and bought (virtually ofc) the zte open the moment they were in stock on eBay. Dreadful, dreadful phone, completely unusable unless you find double checking every single prod of the screen actually did what you intended. Now just use it and its associated contract as a mifi access point and it can't even get that right.

    Burned. It's a great idea but extraordinarily poor in its execution.

    1. Pseu Donyme

      Re: Good luck with that.

      Um ... changes are that you got a faulty piece of kit: mine works a-ok and, imho, is kind of impressive for the money as such and also as an indication of the general readiness of the platform. Mine did update itself ota as about the first thing though, so the problem could be a crappy, early software flashed at the factory (?).

This topic is closed for new posts.

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