back to article French IT giant Atos is officially full of Bull.... and €620m lighter

IT services firm Atos is to purchase its French colleague Bull, which offers cloud, cybersecurity and big data to enterprise customers, for €620m (£503m, $845m). The two firms currently sit at number five and 10 respectively in the top 10 cloud computing firms in Europe, but they reckon that together they could “create the …


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  1. Semtex451

    Better title?

    "Atos create Bull Market"

    1. Chika

      Re: Better title?

      Sounds like a load of Bull to me...

  2. Conrad Longmore
    Big Brother

    A good match

    Given Atos's appalling reputation in the Work Capability Assessment programme in the UK, and a criminal investigation in France into allegations of Bull being complicit in torture, then I think these two companies are a good match.

  3. Admiral Grace Hopper

    Ah, Bull

    I used to love having Bull as a supplier. Out 90 minute weekly meeting when deploying a whole bunch of DPX/20 servers would follow a set pattern:

    - Meet and greet

    - Progress update

    - First question from our devs

    - 80 minutes of in-fighting between the two Bull guys

    - One hour meeting after the meeting to sort out the stuff not sorted due to the infighting

    - Pub

    Happy days.

  4. Ascylto


    In the UK Atos is responsible for the Work Capability Assessment programme which is crap.

    Does this mean their employees are a bunch of Atossers?

    Full agreement with Conrad Longmore.

  5. Firvulag

    New company name

    Given the how Atos the name is regarded considering quality of service regarding the WCA the most likely new company name that merges the Bull name with the Atos brand image would be "Bulls***t "

This topic is closed for new posts.

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