Hostile environment

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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hostile environment

    Is anyone else finding the gaming industry becoming user hostile?

    Aggressive DRM.

    Pressure sales during game play for DLC

    Attempts at lock-in

  2. Lionel Baden

    YES !!!

    I have got really fed up with gaming in general to be hohnest.

    I generally use steam to make game purchases (no flame please) and the amount of unfinished pre alpha pre order games is really starting to get on my nerve's

    I am really enjoying playing watchdogs, one of the reasons, although not perfect, they are at least claiming it to be a finished product and working on fixing broken aspects.

    In reagrds to DRM, It is mainly the big publishers trying to lock themselves and their ad network onto your computer, it has very little to do with DRM imo. Origin, Uplay etc etc etc all want their own gaming platform to keep a loyal fan base :( I would prefer to be able to pick my own game delivery network.

    And yes all this damn DLC Shite !!! the only decent DLC i ever purchased was battlefield 2 Bad company Vietnam. That DLC WAS AMAZING and very well priced.

    the whole idea of you can buy another skin or a pay2win weapon is fucking irritating, it should be included in the game.

    Wow you have touched a raw nerve i think ...... So I will hold my ranting for now, But yes we are being abused by the gaming industry. I will not comment on crowdfunding for games .............

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