back to article Permabit: Our flashy dedupe is everywhere, heh heh. Thanks Pure!

It's been a long haul but Permabit, which licenses its Albireo deduplication technology to storage-related suppliers, is finally seeing its fortunes rise. Wayne Salpietro, Permabit's marketing director, said: "We are seeing significant upswing in our activities, particularly with Tier 1 customers and prospects. We believe …


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  1. Jim 59

    Dedupe rocks, kinda

    Dedupe rocks, in theory. However you can't dedupe encrypted datasets, which has humbugged the technology because all data will be encrypted everywhere before too long. And don't use dedupe as a backup target - it depends on one physical copy and many logical copies, so your backup generations might well end up depending on the same physical data blocks. With tape you have many physical copies and therein lies safety.

    Yeah Permabit is great because their brochure says so.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This comparison chart is biased. They don't publish dedup ratio, which is a key determining the rest of benchmark

  3. louisPTC

    Dedupe ratios and bias

    Since the article mentions my blog post, I guess its time to chime in! Pure Storage claims typical savings rates of around 6:1 based on actual data collected from their customers. I believe the numbers. I've seen similar stats coming in from Permabit's OEM partners. Note that these savings don't just come from dedupe, but also from compression and pattern elimination. All three are features supported by Pure Storage as well as by Permabit's OEMs.

    For reference:

    I explain how I determined the maximum potential rate for a Pure Storage array here: and I explain how Permabit gets its own performance numbers here:

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