back to article Sonos turns up volume, slips out new Wi-Fi speaker control app

Streaming Wi-Fi speaker supplier Sonos has updated its speaker app so that it looks a little nicer and does more. Screen appeal on tablets is not so good, however, and it doesn't solve an existing Playbar surround sound issue. This software, known as the Sonos controller (v5.0), runs in iOS v6.0 or higher, as well as on …


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  1. 's water music


    Did they let you keep the Playbar in then end then?

  2. BlackBolt

    Mega App design changes

    I'm not massively impressed with the redesign. Its a total change from the previous app, which wasn't bad. I don't mind a little evolution of an app, but a total reworking is just a bit annoying.

  3. AMBxx Silver badge

    Sound of silence

    My Room(s) 101 features music following me wherever I go. I'll stick to peace and quiet (old and grumpy icon)

  4. Silver

    Dedicated controller

    I miss the dedicated controller.

    Sure, it was horribly overpriced - especially when you consider that an iPod Touch is cheaper and can do plenty more.

    However I'd rather leave a dedicated controller lying around in the lounge and hand it to anyone who wants to control the music rather than getting out my phone or iPad, unlocking it and also giving them unfettered access to all my personal stuff.

    (I could just buy an iPod Touch, but it's not quite as good an experience as a dedicated controller and massive overkill for something that is only going to have one task)

    1. sam tapsell

      Re: Dedicated controller

      I bought a moto G to dip my toes into android. Its currently a dedicated sonos controller! (got it for £90 from telco with a code).

    2. Gergmchairy

      Re: Dedicated controller

      I have two of the old 'dedicated controllers' you can have.. both are replacements for units that the touchscreen died on - & guess what both now have the same fault. I'll stick to my idevice & upnp for control thanks !

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Playbar is no good when TV"s don't output 5.1 over optical for HDMI sources or even most online sources i.e. netflix/iplayer etc...

    The only way to get the sound is to use digital files on a USB stick/LAN

    So really you HAVE to rip your content to play it....

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Lucky I've switched off ad block plus for El Reg, or else I'd not be reading this article....

    1. Blane Bramble

      Musaic - coming soon

      Better than Sonos:

      1. Sandtitz Silver badge

        Re: Musaic - coming soon

        How exactly is that vaporware better than Sonos?

        If you can't back up that statement, pls take your advertisements elsewhere.

        1. 's water music

          Re: Musaic - coming soon

          How exactly is that vaporware better than Sonos?

          Maybe his brother has him on profit share? :-) He has remembered to declare this (the sibling relationship) in the past

  7. Reallydo Wannaknow

    still no Linux support, though

    For now, means rebooting my dual-boot laptop every time I want to use the Sonos player. Wish they'd get that Linux version going!

    1. phil dude

      Re: still no Linux support, though

      if there's an android app it might be possible to least in theory ;-)


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