back to article Cisco CEO Chambers: 'Infrastructure is commodity'

Cisco CEO John Chambers says customers should expect significant consolidation in the networking industry, even as his own company strives to move into new markets. Chambers, who has spent the last 19 years as Cisco's chief exec, used his Monday afternoon keynote address at the Cisco Live! conference in San Francisco to make …


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  1. Down not across Silver badge

    Buzzword bingo

    Inventing bunch of new buzzwords for stuff doesn't make it groundbreaking.

  2. klarien masters

    whitebox IOS/Nexus ?

    "He also said that Cisco plans to move its custom ASICs – which he described as a key competitive advantage over companies that build hardware using stock x86 silicon – into "every single device" the company makes, all the way down its product lines."

    so a Cisco stack on my whitebox, perhaps I'll wait for that port and virtualise it with VMware !

    luv the irony...........

  3. Ruairi

    Will ACI and NFV still be "long term" goals when they re-invent the next big thing in 12 months?

    This company is going nowhere new fast.

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