back to article Foxy investor ruffles feathers in Quantum’s hen house – fresh claim

Activist investor Starboard Value wants board-level changes at troubled storage gear maker Quantum, it's claimed. Quantum’s latest results showed falls on an annual basis in both its fourth quarter and full-year revenues. The company has been cutting its costs as tape-based revenues – 65 per cent of its business – continue a …


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  1. MadBof

    Quantum's quandary

    Quantum doesn't actually make any storage products. They OEM Lattus from Amplidata, use NetApp E series and Dot Hill products for different applications. These offerings "enable" StorNext sales, which is the ultimate goal. Until now, tape and Dxi appliances have allowed development of the latest StorNext product, which is the only real product that other companies may be interested. With the decline of tape and the pricing challenge from Data Domain on the Dxi front, sales have been challenging. Data Domain came out with a cheaper priced dedupe product that forced Quantum's hand to build/price a less expensive unit. Of course that drives down their own Dxi sales/revenue and are forced to sell twice as many...a well planned gamble from DD knowing Quantum's fiscal shortcomings. My guess is that another company may buy the StorNext portion if this board shuffling happens. Possibly, NetApp, HP or even a better fit, Dell.

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