back to article Moto E pops up with £89 price tag – alongside new LTE Moto G cuz

Motorola has followed up its hit Moto G comeback smartphone with a 4G version, and an even cheaper variant, the 3G Moto E, both revealed today. The Moto E The new Moto E We got a chance to have a brief play with the new pair. Last year, Nokia became king of the budget smartphones with its Lumia 520 Windows Phone – but …


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  1. Anomalous Cowturd

    Loving my G...

    Except for the shite camera, it does everything I need, speedily.

    Nice pared down Android install. Ability to disable (but not remove) pre-installed apps.

    4G wouldn't matter round here, as 3G frequently struggles. SD card would be nice.

    So, a worthy upgrade to the G.

    The Economy model is obviously aiming at the last of the smartphone holdouts. Spend the extra tenner and get a G from Tesco for £99.

    1. AbortRetryFail

      Re: Loving my G...

      I completely agree.

      Having said that, I will probably upgrade once the new G comes out, just to get the SD slot. I bought my G outright SIM-free so it could go straight up on eBay to mitigate the cost of the new one or else be kept as a backup.

  2. Gene Cash Silver badge

    Hm. decisions, decisions.

    I have a Moto G and I'm happy with it, except that it got damaged by static electricity last winter, and now the left 1/4" of the touch screen doesn't work. I tried to get it fixed, but it's the usual "it's Florida, so the humidity activated the moisture sensors and they won't replace it" stunt. Plus I should take more care, that's my fault it got zapped, so I didn't really push it.

    So now do I buy the new E, the new G, or tough it out with the touchscreen... $130 clams is pretty damn tempting. Plus the microSD card. I don't give a crap about the camera, the current Moto G camera sucks too.

  3. Bill 2

    Lumia 625

    I picked up a Lumia 625 for £119 Sim Free from phones 4 u (they seem to have put the price back up to £124 now) and I like it better than my old android phones because I don't have to rely on a data connection for so many things. Sat Nav maps are downloaded to the phone, I bought a 64Gb memory card so all my music is on that rather than Google Play Music (which I quite liked when there was a wifi connection) and the 625 just seems more geared up to work without a data connection than Android phones.

    1. Jordan Davenport

      Re: Lumia 625

      Maps aside, you can easily store your music offline on Android phones. Either connect it through MTP and transfer your music, insert an SD card with your music on it (if the model has a card slot), or download it. Google Play Music supports downloading directly to your phone by selecting to save for offline usage.

      For satnav, you can buy map apps if the data matters to you. I bought a copy of the TomTom app (not the best but not absolutely terrible) for that purpose myself.

      That said, to each his own. I'm glad you like your new(er) phone. I just wouldn't say that Android relies any more on data than any other OS does though.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    The 4 potential windows phone customers just defected

  5. Pat 11


    Thanks for putting them through Sunspider. My old Onex, a flagship from 2012 scores 1.1, not much quicker than the Moto G. I can't remember a faster pace of development in IT, that's top end to commodity in about 18m.

  6. Pete 47

    A crying shame it's nearly as big as the "G"

    Awww, when I heard the "E" was going to be a smaller "G" I took it to mean noticeably more compact, but I see it isn't.

    As this price point I'd of bought two ;-)

  7. Cosmo

    I ordered one...

    ...from Phones4U. I never thought I would utter those words!

    I've been looking for a backup Android phone that I can use for my running and cycling without worrying too much about it getting drenched in sweat or accidentally covered in gloopy gels.

    My only concern is the interaction between the SD card and the main memory. It has been poor in previous Android configurations and Operation Systems, so it will be interesting to see if a Moto E + SD Card + KitKat integration is any better

  8. Elmer Phud

    Fisher Price?

    As someone who has yet to move from bog standard £15 Nokia with PAYGvoice and text I've been looking around at places to dip my toes in the the murky waters of 'smartmobes' and the Android/Windows/i arguments.

    Despite being a W8 user (mine now looks like a posh XP) it looks like I may become a Googlewhore.

    The G could be 'My First Grown-Up Phone' (but I'd never get rid of the El-Cheapo)

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    trouble is, my 4 year old, uhm, what was it... de-oranged san francisco does the job of a mobile / music player more than adequately :)

    1. buyone

      Re: interesting

      Yes, I was happy with my San Fran until I got the Moto G. An amazing improvement, no more waiting for a GPS lock before biking. MTP is a pain in Ubuntu. Android does so much over the air I hate to think what will happen with no signal - back to the Palm Pilot. But all in all I wish I'd waited for the 4G. That is progress.

  10. Lamont Cranston

    I'm glad I put off upgrading.

    I was hoping that the Moto G would shake up the market a bit, and the release of the E and the 4G G (hello, SD slot!) should force other manufacturers to raise their collective game.

    It still beggars belief that Samsung have the Galaxy Ace out as their budget option, as it is a truly terrible device that deserves to get obliterated by the budget Motorolas.

  11. Mark #255

    I've got a G...

    And it (being the 16GB model) is very nice. Prior to that I had a San Francisco, but its battery wore out, and replacement ones were horrendously poor, and I ran out of space for apps, and it struggled to run them (and I wanted TEH SHINY).

    SWMBO has an S3 mini which she's now looking to upgrade (18 months old and suddenly battery life has fallen off a cliff) - the added uSD slot may well convince her to get the "G with LTE".

  12. Belardi

    Other than the camera, it seems the G-LTE is almost on par with the Moto X... which is what I own. Its handy that the user can buy and switch new backs whenever they want... unlike the X.

    But I needed something with a decent camera, which the X does include. Not as great as HTC, but still very good by Motorola standards.

  13. OrsonX
    IT Angle

    "Google-owned biz" (?)

    I thought Google bought it...., then sold it again?

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I really don't understand why Google sold Motorola. They paid too much for it, turned it around and then sold it for too little. I know, I know, they kept what they wanted and it's not like they pay tax or anything so I'm not crying for them but it's still baffling. I have had a Moto G for several months - I got it to test out and then gift to my brother after a couple of months so I could upgrade to an N5. 5mths later I've decide the Moto G does absolutely everything I need and my brother can hold on to my old 1st gen Galaxy S for a few months longer till someone comes out with something I really want :-).

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