back to article Rackspace: OpenStack is the 'Rebel Alliance' in fight for future of cloud

In Atlanta, where the drinks are syrupy and the air hangs over you like a wet, warm blanket, four and a half thousand people have assembled to work on a crazy idea. The idea? That a band of companies with different allegiances and areas of focus can come together to build some freely available tools that will let you, me, and …


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  1. David Dawson

    Would the reg fancy doing a comparison of openstack, cloudstack, eucalyptus, the many faces of vmware... ?

    If so, I'd love to read it. Openstack seems to take the headlines, but everything I've read so far says that cloudstack is an easier install, eucalyptus is the most mature of the open(ish) source ones and vsphere et al is simply better. I want to be corrected, but the hype is a PITA.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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