back to article CONFIRMED: NBN Co has NO blackspot fix plan

One of Australian communications minister Malcolm Turnbull's main selling points for his faster-and-cheaper-to-build national broadband network (NBN) plan was that it would ensure the billions of dollars being spent are first directed at those parts of the nation that don't have access to broadband. Addressing blackspots, he's …


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  1. Paul J Turner

    those without broadband must ... be the priority for NBN Co

    "...that commitment seems like it has repeatedly been watered down."

    It's pretty much homeopathic by now.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Nice for some...

    Meanwhile, the directors parachuted in by the government will still be drawing a salary and bonuses while the go-slow "re-organisation" is in progress.

    To bad for those in new estates...

  3. Fluffy Bunny


    You're getting exactly what you paid for - NOTHING.

  4. aberglas

    Better off with no NBN

    Living in a black spot we would be much better off if the NBN was simply closed down. We should be able to pay cash up front to have our services added to whoever is prepared to lay cable etc. for a fee. That way we would at least get something. If a few of the billions wasted was directed to those that have no internet then all the better. As it is nothing will happen for many, many years to come.


  5. NoHandleYet

    It's all a joke

    My wife sent an email to her sister in mid west NSW, it returned undeliverable. When we seen her last week it turns out the satellite is full and she was turffed off.

    ADSL? Too far from the switchboard. Copper wire also crap.

    NBN? 18 months if your lucky. "We will email you with a solution soon" HOW? "oh, you don't have internet access do you you". no you idiot.

  6. Vulcon

    Unless TPG might connect to you... If so then you will go straight to the front of the queue.

  7. Munix

    With 38,000 klms of Fibre installed for the Backbone, 90 of the 121 POI's installed and operational the NBN has achieved quite alot since the signing of the agreement with Telstra not that long ago. So any claim that it is only 3% complete is just BS. Given that in order to get decent income you need to provide all speed tiers at all end points as you don't know who will want what speed and they may well move. The LNP's Fraudband just can't make much income with only offering maybe up to 25 mbps with no quality of service, no upload speed to talk of. Let alone the maintenance nightmare of maintaining five different technologies. The power for all these node cabinets, 60,000 at 5kw/h is over $8Billion a decade just for the 30% on FttN + ?? for HFC and FttH node cabinets will use hmmm Zip power per decade.

  8. Mort

    There's a reason why there are blackspots

    The reason the "blackspots" even exist in the first place is *BECAUSE* they are "commercially and operationally UNfeasible"

    So saying blackspots will be fixed only if feasible leads to a rather predictable outcome.

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