back to article Dixons tells HQ workers: Yes, that IS a creaky trapdoor you hear. You're at risk of redundo

Dixons has unlocked but not yet opened a trapdoor underneath at least 100 bods at its Hemel Hempstead HQ. The retail biz today kicked off a 45-day redundancy consultation with headquarters staff. This comes ahead of a £3.7bn merger with Carphone Warehouse (CPW), first mooted in February, but Dixons insisted the head office …


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  1. rhydian

    They should have gone for the extended guarantee when they took the job...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    they've also announced that they are offering redundancy terms to all retail staff who can't spell IT. Fifty million vacancies created.

  3. Elmer Phud


    "entered into a period of consultation"

    Why do they insist on calling it 'consultation' ?

    All it is is a period of making sure the box under the desk is kept ready.

    1. Anonymous Coward 101

      Re: Consult?

      "Why do they insist on calling it 'consultation' ?"

      Legally they have to 'consult' with staff for a period of time before doing redundancies, presumably so that staff can suggest different working arrangements instead of redundancy. However, the redundancies are a fait accompli, and the period of consultation merely acts as a brief stay of execution.

      1. auburnman

        Re: Consult?

        The bright side is those in the 'consultancy' have the right to time off for jobhunting & interviews etc. But it is pretty much a tick-box exercise on the company's part. Even if the employee came up with a really good solution that would save jobs, I doubt management & HR would go for it as this would mean admitting being wrong.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Consult?

        Yep, it's just a legal hoop companies have to jump through.

        I've never know any period of 'consultation' make any difference.

        As an employee rep said to me a few years ago "it's consultation, not negotiation".

  4. The Godfather

    1 big + 1 big = 1 BIG with a lot of fat cut off

    Blood-letting to follow...

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  6. Sir Barry

    When I worked there until 2006 there was circa 2,000 bods employed across 3 buildings, they must have shed a load of jobs under the table.

    If Carphone Warehouse has a HQ in the same town then I apologise, just let the 500 go, poor buggers.

    Anyhoos, DSGi are well known for their *shortsightedness when it comes to cost cutting, just make a few more jobs redundant, save some cash, the chief exec gets a bonus and then moves on when the brown stuff hits the ceiling whirligig...

    *Yup, I got hit with redundancy and after the second time just walked.

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