back to article Net neutrality protesters set up camp outside FCC headquarters

A posse of net neutrality activists has set up a camp outside the Washington, DC headquarters of the Federal Communication Commission to protest the agency's plans to allow a pay-for-play internet. Protesters outside FCC headquarters Not exactly Tahrir Square "We don't have armies of paid lobbyists at our disposal but we …


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  1. edge_e

    The protesters have vowed to stay outside the FCC until its May 15 vote

    Or until the riot police remove them

    1. Eguro

      Re: The protesters have vowed to stay outside the FCC until its May 15 vote

      That would probably be the very best thing that could happen, if you're a supporter of Net Neutrality. It might light a spotlight on it.

      Wouldn't want to be the people being removed though.

  2. Busby

    In the Corpotocracy that is todays US I fully expect these "terrorists" to feel the full extent of the law.

    1. cyrus


      Like sending them to Guantanamo? Seems fitting. We need that oil! Oh... Wrong terrorists. My bad.

  3. asdf
    Thumb Down


    The corporations benefiting from Net neutrality are too cheap to even try to swell the protest ranks with astroturf. Looks like this issue is already decided.

  4. Steven Roper

    I like the irony

    of using Google Video vs. YouTube as an example of net neutrality. The message I get from that is if you're a massive corporation and can't compete, buy out the competition!

    1. Tom 35

      Re: I like the irony

      Better they have to buy you out, then just choke you to death.

      1. Truth4u

        Re: I like the irony

        Buy 'em out, boys!

  5. Shannon Jacobs

    Technical solutions, anyone?

    Another fake crisis being exploited to increase profits. The REAL problem is that the profits will NEVER be sufficiently maximized.

    Too much data for the servers and backbones? Then use peer-to-peer streaming with local caching of the popular data, especially the topical and viral videos. Most of the data could be transmitted via WiFi networks, though that software would be trickier. However, right now my computer can see more than 10 WiFi networks from my typical urban location.

    Why don't we have such applications already? I certainly have plenty of spare disk space and could donate 20 GB to a network cache. Two reasons:

    (1) The phone companies and cable companies still lust after monopoly profits based on control of the pipes.

    (2) The governments want controllable networks, not decentralized ones.

    Not sure which motive is stronger, though they are tightly linked in America by legal bribes to politicians.

    1. btrower

      Re: Technical solutions, anyone?

      @Shannon Jacobs

      Correctamundo. Like the broken security structure the broken pipe architecture serves a purpose for someone. Hint: Not us.

      The people setting forward standards and administering the network gave us vulnerable centralized DNS, IPv4, non backward compatible IPv6, mail stupid enough that it can't prevent spam and PKI were the people upon whom the entire system depends upon for trust are the least trustworthy members of the network.

      Distribute everything and make all traffic opaque. You can't play favorites if you don't know who is sending the packet or what it contains.

  6. bazza Silver badge

    Anti-competitive? Protocol Changes?

    One can argue that no net neutrality is anti-competitive. Imagine if net neutrality hadn't existed back when Google were getting started and their robot Web crawling traffic had been suppressed. Where would they be now? Nowhere.

    New stuff needs new protocols and without the ability to push that new data around the net it will be difficult for them to get traction.

    Another thought; any protocol can become a transport for any other protocol (e.g. iSCSI, FCoE, etc). So if everything else became layered on top of, say, https (ie, 'normal' and encrypted), how would any ISP or network owner be able to do traffic shaping? They wouldn't be able to distinguish different types of traffic because the data they're carrying wouldn't be readable by them. Hopefully.

  7. Identity


    "Over 100 leading technology companies, including Google Inc, Facebook Inc, Twitter Inc and Inc, have written to U.S. telecom regulators to oppose a new "net neutrality" plan that would regulate how Internet providers manage web traffic."

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    protest sponsored by Google

    this protest exists because some companies didn't pay their senators enough and their business model is affected-wanting to score profit off of someone else's infrastructure.

    Just like SOPA/PIPA only got defeated because too much Big Money is made off of someone else's content.

    If Al Franken is involved, there's a paycheck, This whole thing isn't truly about freedom, but #2 and #3 being upset that #1 didn't include them in the deal. Once that is secured, all we will here is how "Free" the Internet is, even though #s 4 to a million are still as screwed over as ever.

  9. Anne Nonymous

    I walked by there. There were guys coming by, supporting "protestors" by bringing them food and refreshments. I asked who they were and they said they were from The New America Foundation, which is a lobbying think tank that is chaired by Google executive Eric Schmidt and funded by Google. The protestors are fakes. They aren't ordinary people; they're being paid and fed by a rich corporation, headed by multibillionaires. It wants regulation of the Internet written to fatten its wallet.

  10. John 104

    Obama Talks a Lot

    Obama has been "Talking a mean game" for years now. Thing is,his words are worth less than the air used to speak them. He is a total joke and laughing stock. No wonder his administration is keeping mum on this. Too bad, really. He could actually do something good and speak for neutrality and maybe put this one to bed once and for all. Then again, maybe he is getting a kick back for keeping mum.

  11. Ramon Zarat

    The NSA spying on *everyone* all the time was not enough. Big Bother is angry and on a mission to crush everything on its path even remotely associated with freedom of speech.

    This is only the beginning. Part 1 of many more to come. If we let this one slide, this IS the beginning of the end. The genie will be out of the bottle and impossible to put back in, unless something catastrophic happens, such as a civil war.

    History has the propensity to repeat itself. When the elites abuse their power, like when they turn a democracy into the oligarchy the USA has become, they inevitably loose their heads. Ask Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette...

    The 1% should be very careful, there are threading on VERY thin ice. Tons and tons of revolving doors to infiltrate politic, legal bribe called PAC, out of control agencies like NSA working AGAINST its own citizen interests, gigantic bailout for banks and corporations paid by the electorate after said banks and corporations tried to f*ck us all over, militarization of police force and implementation of police state like rules and policies, and now the FCC disgracefully 100% packed with former telecoms lobbyists trying to kill net neutrality... Welcome to modern 'Murica. The land of the "free and justice", whatever what that means now in 2014.

    Many lines have been crossed by the 1% in the last few decades. Far too many for their own good. Despite they have the money, the technology, the military and the police on their side, they simply can't kill all 315 million Americans, they can't silence us all. Those motherf*ckers must be reminded who's the real boss here and the answer is NOT THEM.

    We need to get money out politic and we need to get our institutions like the NSA and FCC back. Bribes and revolving doors in politic must be 100% illegal. Unelected bodies like the FCC must controlled to represent the electorates with balanced representation, not just biased former telecoms lobbyists. The 1% will NEVER give any of this back willfully, we will have to pry it out from their cold dead hands. The clash is inevitable. The clash is coming. Are you ready?

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