back to article Google buddies up with Intel for this year's big Chromebook push

Intel, Google, and several hardware partners held a press event in San Francisco on Tuesday to announce a fresh batch of devices based on Chrome OS, the launch of which Intel said made it "the No. 1 microprocessor in Chrome OS systems." In all, Chipzilla and pals demoed ten new devices that will be soon be released in the US, …


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  1. Cesar _


    As MS Office starts to mature in its online form . . . are we not witnessing the slow, but inevitable, disintegration of the Windows hegemony?

    1. Tyrion

      Re: OFFICE

      The Windows hegemony was crumbling long before MS made their office suite available online. LibreOffice, Google Docs, ChromeOS, Android, SteamOS, Ubuntu, the list of competing systems goes on and on. I doubt Windows will even exist in the consumer space in ten years.

  2. Marcel

    Linux please

    I love Chromebooks, except for the OS.

    Anyway, isn't a Chromebook without Chrome not a Netbook, the sort of laptops that were doomed (according to the Intel et al)? Innovation By Sticker™

    1. ratfox Silver badge

      Re: Linux please

      Chrome OS is based on the Linux kernel, what are you complaining about?

    2. ricegf

      Re: Linux please

      Just load Crouton. It runs alongside Chrome OS (no dual-booting, no VMs) and gives you the excellence of Chrome OS for web with the power that is Gnu/Linux for local work. Contentment!

  3. villandra

    Our IT corporate leaders need to go back on their medication.

    Suffice it to say, I need my software that is on my actual computers, so I won't be using a CHROMEBOOK sometimes soon, or even sometime distant.

    1. Tyrion


      Who cares about corporate IT? They're a decade behind everyone else. They'll still be stuck with Windoze while everyone else has moved on.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    got mine at the weekend

    Acer c720 for 169 quid. Its brilliant. 1 less windows high maintenance PC around.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Short term price reduction for long term gain?

    I would imagine the 'We have ways of crippling your netbook' Intel will only be price competitive until they monopolise the platform.

    I can well see a wish for UltraChromes to launch in the future.

    1. ricegf

      Not likely

      Chrome OS is processor agnostic, so any attempt by Intel to push up prices unilaterally would just make ARM Chromebooks such as produced by Samsung that much more attractive.

  6. Philippe

    they're getting there

    BayTrail M Soc, or Octa-core ARM.

    The only thing missing is 1080p and 32Gb (16Gb is just too small) and those things will be long as they remain under the $350 barrier.

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