back to article NBN Co puts October date on first FTTB connections

NBN Co, the entity charged with building Australia's National Broadband Network (NBN) has announced the expected go-live data for its first commercial fibre/copper services, saying its fibre-to-the-basement (FTTB) product will be ready by October 2014. Running behind the less-constrained internet service provider TPG, which is …


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  1. Fluffy Bunny

    Wasteful duplication

    It would be wasteful for the NBN and TPG rollouts to target the same areas. As the report notes, last time it happened it created large inefficiency. The time before that was the Betamax vs VHS mess.

    What NBN and TPG should do is to meet and create a plan which would see each company rolling out to otherwise unserviced areas. A bulk access provision would allow NBN to retail to customers serviced by TPG infrastructure and vice versa. At some stage in the future, companies could make a business decision to duplicate infrastructure if they believed it was commercially viable.

    Consumers would benefit because the rollout would go twice as fast. The could still buy their service from the company of their choice, whichever provides the basic infrastructure. Each company would benefit because they wouldn't be wasting money rolling out fiber to sites that had already been locked into their competitor. It should be possible to argue this case to the ACCC.

    1. TheFatMan

      Re: Wasteful duplication

      How dare you bring logic, common sense and financial viability into the NBN discussion?

      None of those qualities have any place here

  2. aberglas

    What about the Black Spots!!!!

    This is truly horrible. Evil almost.

    The top priority of the NBN is to provide fibre to those people that already have it! Meanwhile there is NO plan to support people that have no internet at all, or are stuck on a 0.056 megabit modem!

    Given limited resources, this is a complete waste of time. And the NBN will not be able to go cheaply enough to beat TPG unless they make it almost free. Which will make it even less likely they will ever get around to servicing the thousands of homes without broadband at all.


    Note that this is not just another rabid NBN fanboy fraudband post. They just saY


    Instead, it says focus initially on those in need. Forget fibre, for people on dialup 5 megabits would be a wonderful improvement. It would go from unusable to good. Maybe not perfect, but more than good enough. But we do want it now, not in a decade's time, if at all.

    1. The Blacksmith

      Re: What about the Black Spots!!!!

      Forget about it. Blackspots are not "Commercially viable". Remember, the business owners of the current government are just interested in commercially viable ventures. Why would they be interested in social good? That just gets in the way of their bonus.

      Soon you'll be saying that having decent telecommunications should be a social minimum for this first world country. Ha! You want better broadband speed? Move.

      This is a massive social fail for this country. It's one more piece of divisive "Haves v. Have nots" legislation from the government. But get used to it.

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