back to article EMC embarks on all-singing, all-dancing VNX jamboree

EMC has had a VNXgasm and announced future software for VNX, plus a buffed up VNXe box, a VSPEX addition, and the company is also making more encryption options available. The VNX software is coming via Project Liberty and thus includes freedom from hardware lock-in presumably, and is virtualised storage software that is based …


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  1. StorageFan

    Project Liberty

    "You get the feeling that EMC sees VNX primarily as a test-and-dev thing and not a serious software storage array like HP's StoreVirtual or VMware's VSAN or, indeed, its own ScaleIO. It will be an on-ramp to speed VNX-dependent app development."

    Certainly not the case. Consider test-and-dev the "round one" of a "virtual VNX".

  2. Victor 2

    Sounds pretty weak...

    at least as far as announcements goes...

  3. J.T

    So when you intall on VMware do you chose Windows for the os?

This topic is closed for new posts.