back to article T-Mobile US added more subscribers in last quarter than top three competitors combined

Shares in US mobile operator T-Mobile rose by more than 7 per cent on news that the firm added 2.4 million customers to its books and increased its revenues by 47 per cent in the last quarter. The news moved its outspoken CEO John Legere to profanity. We have outpaced the competition AGAIN – 12 times over! I shit you not! …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I know it is his personal Twitter account

    But kind of surprised to see a four letter word from the CEO of a company, given the holier-than-thou attitude among some Americans. This is the kind of thing that gets family values groups up in arms and talking boycott.

    1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

      Re: I know it is his personal Twitter account

      He is speaking very much on behalf of the company and knows it. But, seriously, "shit" is considered a problem?

      Maybe the moral minority should organise a boycott and switch to ATT or Verizon. They can press for self-censoring phones that automatically cut out any possibly offensive words!

    2. StimuliC

      Re: I know it is his personal Twitter account

      That's not the worst profanity. Refreshing that someone in such a position has the balls to say it how the everyday man would say it! Kudos to him for his tweet. More importantly this is another reason why a purchase of T-Mobile by Sprint is a bad thing. Sprint is more of the lame horse in the 4 horse race!

  2. brainbone


    Now if only some of that extra cash flow could make their network useable outside of larger cities and major highways...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Wonderfull...

      Mayhaps thou should hath read the entirety of the article prior to commenting? Then thou would'st have know that:

      The flood of new customers into T-Mobile is good news for the company's ambitions, but has come at a heavy price. Its Uncarrier initiatives, including paying off the contract costs of new subscribers, have hit T-Mobile's bottom line and the company lost $151m in the quarter.

      (Verily I hath added the emphasis mine self.)

      1. B'castEng

        SPRINT losses

        For comparison, recent SPRINT losses per articles and their profile in the New York Times:

        2012 Q4: US$ 1.32 billion

        2012 CY: US$ 4.33 billion

        2013 Q4: US$ 1.04 billion

        2013 CY: US$ 1.86 billion

        2014 Q4: approx. US$ 156 million (~US$ 0.04/share for 3.9 billion outstanding shares)

    2. Fihart

      Re: Wonderfull... @brainbone

      I notice comments from US readers about cost of broadband and spotty cellphone coverage. I guess this is the price you pay for having a large country with lower population density (compared to Europe). That doesn't explain why tiny but population-dense Belgium has terrible and expensive broadband -- what may explain it is the monopoly Belgacom has on telephone system. I suspect the US near-duopoly cellphone situtation may be related.

  3. phil dude


    But they have proved convenient, especially compared to ATT and Virgin Mobile.

    I even got a free Shakira album from them...

    Ok no giggling at the back...


  4. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    ARPU still around $50

    Means there is still plenty of scope for further price cuts!

    (ARPU in Europe is < € 20 / $ 25)

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