back to article Hey, marketing drone, what's with the FUD - nothing GOOD to say about your own kit?

Are we drifting into another round of the storage wars where FUD starts to fly? It always makes for good copy. The little guy complaining about the big guy, who in turn is complaining about the little guy: David with his sling versus Goliath with his rocket launcher. The thing with FUD is that it doesn’t really work unless …


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  1. Truth4u

    Platinum Crystal Storage

    I have invented a method that can store 1PB in a Platinum crystal the size of a red blood cell.

    1. ld0614

      Re: Platinum Crystal Storage

      I'm going to track you down and give you all of my money!

  2. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

    No one size fits all. Everyone's workloads are a little different...and there's more than enough money in the storage market for everyone. Unless you're marketing. Then $company and $product solve everything. *sigh*

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      That's what she said. Then again, we *are* talking about marketers, so the equivalence to whores, err, a certain class of professionals should be obvious.

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