back to article CenturyLink slashes prices to guarantee its megacloud future

When your entire market is hellbent on destroying itself through an endless death march of price cuts, you're faced with a choice, either you hold on tight and keep cutting, or you get into another business. Major co-location provider CenturyLink is opting for the former and to help it along is beginning to put the assets of …


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  1. Longrod_von_Hugendong

    There is only 1 thing to be found in a race to the bottom...


    and that is was we are all going to get at some point - or our cloud data and traffic searched for adverts... any of them could do it.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "or our cloud data and traffic searched for adverts... any of them could do it."

    And we know which one it will be...

  3. phil dude

    race to reasonable costs...?

    I'm not sure I buy this "Race to the bottom" headline.

    Here's why. IT gets exponentially dropping costs due to the increasing Si area made available to components (cpus,memory not forgetting the materials too).

    So in principle, cloud computing/storage should be *cheaper* than buying it and running it yourself. Simple economies of scale, and location optimisation. Build the farms in the cheapest locations, keep everything running optimally, and the overhead is divided by 10e6.

    What got me thinking along this route, was the google price drop that seems to be $300/year for a terabyte drive.

    I know there are obvious non-negotiables for onsite compute and storage, but I am mulling the ratio of a decentralised compute infrastructure.

    Well, once they stop spying on us....


  4. asdf

    totally offtopic

    Everyone rips on Century Link here in the states and I am the first to admit in my area I hated their predecessor Qwest with a passion but at least for residential DSL broadband they are not bad at all. Their speed sucks 15 meg down 1 meg up unlimited traffic but for $27 a month with no bundling (no phone, prism etc) its hard to complain. Their service is hardly ever down, Netflix runs great and no throttling I have detected. My main broadband alternative is a mega evil cable company with much faster but much more expensive service and a reputation for degrading internet video services due to an obvious vested interest in getting you to buy cable TV service (haven't look back since cutting the cord, under $50 a month for TV, broadband, and phone (MagicJack plus ftw) rules). Totally off topic and no I am not a shill but am a cheap bastard and do like to defend my penny pinching company choices and want one of my few viable broadband choices to prosper.

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