back to article FBI floats $5 MEELLION bounty for alleged Chinese WMD purveyor

The US State Department has offered a $5m bounty for information leading to the arrest of Chinese businessman Li Fangwei for his alleged role as a major supplier of ballistic missile technology to Iran. The latest efforts are part of a major push by the Treasury, Justice, Commerce and State departments to get their hands on Li …


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  1. Ben Rose

    Everytime you say MEELLION...

    ...a puppy dies.

    Stop it.

    1. ratfox

      Everytime you ask the Register to stop doing something

      They do it twice just to annoy you.

  2. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge
    Big Brother

    Yet another...

    ...AIPAC engineering smokescreen to get Iran back into the news now that Neocon Nuland and speaker of the dead Merry Kerry are busy engineering the takeover of Ukraine, thus sucking all the oxygen out of the newsrooms?

    1. Matt Bryant Silver badge

      Re: Destroyed All Braincell's Re: Yet another...

      I see DAM is still channelling the spirit of Glavlit.

  3. frank ly

    Has he broken any Chinese laws?

    Just wondering.

    1. g e

      Re: Has he broken any Chinese laws?

      The Chinese will have laws for sure though a major mitigating defence in any trial would be

      'But your Honour, look HOW MUCH it fucked the Americans off'

      'You're right, young man. Case dismissed!'

    2. Matt Bryant Silver badge

      Re: frank ly Re: Has he broken any Chinese laws?

      Probably not seeing as it is doubtful he got either to his position or his hands on such tech without the complicity of senior Chinese Communists. And seeing as Communism is all about applying the rules equally, just some people are more equal than others.....

      In respect to other 'laws', China is supposedly committed to the UN Sanctions program, including UN SCR 1747 (general arms embargo on Iran) and 1929 (ballistic missile specific). Of yourself, they (allegedly) normally just get round such sanctions by letting the Norks do their dirty work, so I'm guessing Mr Fangwei was just the conduit used by the Chinese.

  4. g e

    Oh look

    All US interest. Even though the 'laws' are international they still can't be bothered to even attempt to phrase anything within the 'International Community' (of right-think).

    It's Me Me Me as usual. Sounds more like a pretext to tie Iran together with China though so a new uber-evil empire can be created in the 'Hearts and Minds', blah blah blah.

    I do hope the Chinese guy has a Hollowed Out Volcano or an Undersea base, though. For real. That would be most excellent.

  5. Psyx

    Any takers?

    For maybe a month's work? Good money, plenty of prospects. Previous extraction team experience and advantage, but not strictly required.

  6. wayne 8

    Err, next will they be put a bounty on a past US Pres?

    From who, when and where did PRC get USA missile tech?

    Cough*BJ Clinton*cough

  7. JaitcH

    Once again, the US claims the world as it's domain

    The US, like a fading star, makes a lot of noise and generally disrupts life.

    Who gave it permission to inflict it's self-serving laws on other countries?

    At one time the US was the source of many technical components but, as in so many things, it has delegated it's manufacturing to other countries - so it can make more money. Not all countries agree with the supposition that the US and a few buddies can be the ONLY owners of nuclear weapons.

    Iran is exercising it's sovereign right. Pakistan is one of the four nuclear armed states (together with India, Israel, and North Korea) who are not, shock and horror, parties to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

    Let the US force Israel into compliance and others might follow, too.

    1. Matt Bryant Silver badge

      Re: JaitcH Re: Once again, the US claims the world as it's domain

      ".....Who gave it permission to inflict it's self-serving laws on other countries?...." I'd try explaining the difference between UN sanctions and US law but it would probably be a bit much for you.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So Bankers will be jailed ?

    “IEEPA makes it a crime to wilfully violate US sanctions on designated countries such as Iran. Individuals and companies who evade US sanctions and misuse our banking system to further their illegal activity not only undermine the integrity of our financial markets but also threaten US national security interests.”

    As Eric Daniels was in charge of Lloyds when they were running the Tehran Strip Club can we expect to see him wearing an orange jump suit by this time tomorrow ?

    No ?

    The agreement not to prosecute wouldn't have anything to do with him agreeing to buy that barrel of donkey **** that was HBOS over a weekend without any due diligence just because the PM at the time asked him to ?

    The Feds probably asked this guy to bail out GM again and he refused, now he has a price on his head.

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