back to article Japan, Europe to shake hands on China-deterring tech deals

Japan looks set to sign a number of agreements with Western allies in the coming weeks, in what appears to be a series of moves designed to keep China in check militarily and in cyber space. A Tokyo official said on Tuesday that PM Shinzo Abe is planning to finalise a deal with French president Francois Hollande next week …


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  1. Gordon 10
    Thumb Up


    The news that Japan is creating a DARPA-clone can only mean a Mecha is only days away from being deployed on Tokyo's streets. I look forward to both my Office block and Apartment being smashed by our new metallic overlords.

    Deploy <insert favourite manga here (no hentai please this is a family website)>.

    1. wowfood

      Re: Hooray

      Favourite manga that's not hentai... erm... Can I get back to you on that?

  2. Vociferous


    Of course, if China can't BUY the technology...

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