back to article Facebook UNVEILS VEIL for 'anonymous' logins

If you've ever been hesitant to login to an app or website using your Facebook ID because you don't know what consequences clicking that blue button will actually have, Mark Zuckerberg says he feels your pain. Speaking at the Facebook F8 developer conference in San Francisco on Wednesday – the first such event the social …


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  1. NoneSuch Silver badge

    Changes nothing

    Facebook themselves still take all your info along with various government agencies.

  2. Paul Crawford Silver badge

    Useful for photo sharing.

    Increasingly I don't bother with facebook as the signal to noise has decreased. Maybe my "friends" are more boring now, or simply numerous, also adverts increased and lots of pointless article referrals.

    But as an ID service? You must be joking?

    1. Suburban Inmate

      Re: Useful for photo sharing.

      Yes it's been buggered about with for exactly that, meaning activist and non-profits have been royally shafted as they have virtually zero "organic reach". They have done this slowly though, to avoid spooking the herd, a few pages at a time over several months.

      Still borderline usable for non serious stuff with the FB Purity add-on and VERY diligent use of the privacy settings.

      1. Paul Crawford Silver badge

        Re: Useful for photo sharing.

        Have an upvote for mentioning the FB Purity add-on !

    2. jerehada

      Re: Useful for photo sharing.

      Yes it does seem to be going out of fashion.

  3. All names Taken
    Paris Hilton

    Why does anyone with any sense, sensibilities, intellect or (inclusive or) wit take Facebook seriously?

    Oh - the Police, organisations with 'powers' , ... do?

  4. Sebastian A

    I never watched Lost. Everyone raved about it. Then it turned out to be crap, and I went into smug mode.

    I never signed up to Facebook. Everyone else was on it. Now it's going down the toilet. Smug mode reengaging in 3, 2, 1...

    Pessimists are never disappointed, only ever pleasantly surprised.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Whenever Facebook "enhances" privacy controls

    It obsoletes the old controls and defaults to whatever wide open 'share everything' settings they wish everyone to have. So you have to go in and fix the new controls to match what you had before. In some cases you do get better privacy controls, but they rely on most people to be lazy or uninformed and not know the privacy settings they once had are no longer set. They're a sleazy bunch, and I expect to see history repeat itself while the popular press eats up their bullshit and pats Zuck on the back for being such a good guy.

    1. MachDiamond Silver badge

      Re: Whenever Facebook "enhances" privacy controls

      If anybody runs across the video of Zuck telling the world that the reason FB exists is to hoover up personal data and sell it, please copy it and provide links. I was stupid and didn't latch onto a copy when I saw it.

      Anonymity is not in FB's interest. Their revenue stream is all about their ability to record their members activities online and sell that surveillance to marketing companies (and rumor has it, The Man®).

      Need some help getting away from social networks and "rewards" programs. Watch a few videos of lectures by Cory Doctorow on YouTube about privacy. He connects the dots on the current dot coms and how they make money when they appear to be giving their services away.

  6. jerehada


    I don't suppose the same granularity will apply to the Facebook app on Android that gives you no choice but to accept the hoovering up of personal information on you phone. Not that Google is much different. More granularity is needed across the board not all you data or no FB app.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Facebook, nothing is anonmyous.

    I deleted my Facebook account 3 years ago. Last year I needed one because there are still braindead companies that assume everyone uses it.

    I used fake details for everything, including my name. Despite claiming my details were deleted 3 years previous, guess what, they suggested friends and relatives I might know..

    Yes, they kept my IP address and who I knew, at MINIMUM when they told me it had all been deleted. I would guess they have everything else too.

    In other words, sign in as anonymous if you wish, but Facebook still have a pretty good idea who you are.

    I really don't know how Facebook falls under the radar of the Data Protection act, as surely claiming to delete data and not, that must surely be illegal, and yet it always seems to be Google in the firing like (which my my experience, are actually quite decent and upfront about what they use, how they use it, what you get in exchange, and when you want to delete something, it does actually get deleted after a month or so).

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Too little too late. I don't buy Zucks desire to give people privacy.

    I signed up back in 2007 when FB was "fun". As Zuck started selling out to corporations and governments and became a Putin-esque billionaire I noticed how FB became less and less fun. I learned that FB was selling my identify and information to his advertisers and FB was earning mega-billions of dollars. I had no choice but to comply, give up all of my rights and privacy, and with whatever was going on because FB was the only place where I could keep in contact with old friends, new friends and family.

    I then felt like a rat in Zucks maze as he and his logorithms started to track, study and sell all of our information, and he gloated about it. I was also well aware that he was storing my information for eternity, and even when I died he would still own and profit from my information.

    FB was becoming more and more a rat race to "out-happy", "out-selfie", be bombarded with all of the relationship status changes where everyone seemed to easily find love and romance and endless updates about their cutsie children and how they left sweet little presents in their diapers for them. I was also tiring of seeing parents and grandparents replacing their profile pictures of babies.

    All the while I see Asperger poster boys picture making headlines all over the world smiling and basking in his fortune for his creation...the ideas of which was stolen from some unknown villainous twins. The thought had no eluded me that Zuck could be in fact the leaker of his movie to cast his evil twin friends as complete villains. All the while every techie out there secretly dreams and drools over their billionaire idol all hoping that they will one day be rich and exactly like him.

    I tried to make an alternate FB profile because I planned on using it to get in to doing public work with my community. I use three primary e-mail addresses that I've been using for years, 1 for family, 1 for work/official and 1 "anonymous" email address for public use. I tried creating an account with my "official" e-mail address and the system wouldn't allow me to register. It said I was not using my real identity and I had to send FB a copy of my REAL identification if I want to make an account. How did FB know what my real identity was when I was creating an account on a browser that I never used for FB? FB was probably scanning my computer and IP address and violating my privacy and storing everything that I have relating to my computing habits. This really creeped me the fuck out and that was the final straw.

    I decided I unplug myself from Zucks matrix. I found a script that would automatically delete absolutely everything on my FB including my status updates, friends, likes, pictures, everything. I then created a disposable email account and made it my main login, created a long gibberish random password in notepad and changed my password. I then located the "delete account" and NOT the "deactivate account" and deleted my account, I closed the long gibberish random password from notepad and have not signed in since.

    All the while I did come across road blocks. Zuck really does not want anyone to delete their accounts so he's made it very tricky and difficult. Alas, it was done. I know he still owns everything that I've ever posted, but I wanted to assure that he would never own any of my information beyond that point.

    I felt liberated and I started spending time with my friends and family in real life, and I haven't missed it since. I am no longer connected to his matrix of control.

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