back to article GULP. Veeam adds thousands of accounts. It must be eating SOMEONE'S lunch

Growing virtual server backup biz Veeam continues to spread like an out-of-control viral infection. The firm recently claimed to have surpassed the 100,000 customer mark by the end of its first 2014 quarter. To put that in perspective, it says it went past the 91,500 customer mark just three months ago, the 80,000 level three …


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  1. Dyason

    Goodbye Backup Exec

    We tried them but went with Appassure in the end. All I can say for certain is we did not want to stay with Backup Exec. It's antiquated with little support for current products. I'll be surprised if they have a user base left at all any more.

  2. unredeemed

    Cheap and easy

    For an SMB that is near 100% virtualized, Veeam is cheap. I have no qualms moving away from the traditional apps to something like Veeam or vRanger, etc... I've recommended it for years now.

    Many folks that have segregated IT groups, where the VM Admin wants Veeam for his stuff, and forces the Backup Admin to just sweep up his files using their normal backup app to presumably move to tape as needed.

    Are they landing any large $100k+ deals? What's their average deal size?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "Veeam is cheap"

      No, not really!

      Last year we outgrew our standard 2x Essentials Plus licences as we put in place another 3 ESXi hosts, but we could live with running 3 Essentials Plus bundles, so Veeam wanted £14,000 to upgrade our licensing to the "full" product to cover 10 hosts, we eventually wangled them down to £11,0000. In the end we chose Unitrends VA, which cost us a whopping £4,000

      Then more recently we expanded further and decided to invest in full DR, unfortunately SRM was too expensive, which left us with 3 choices main Zerto, Veeam or PHD Virtual RMS. Zerto was priced on per-VM, Veeam we would have needed Enterprise licences and was quoted £17,000 for 10 ESXi hosts, then PHD Virtual RMS, which we got for the bargain price of £10,000 to cover 12 hosts.

      Ironically, PHD Virtual is now part of Unitrends, whilst the product isn't quit as polished as Veeam, they offer some fantastic discounts and they are quickly ploughing massive investment into the products.. I've seen the beta of PHD Virtual v8, and its looking pretty shiny..

      Veeam is a bit like Apple, I admire what they develop, but as a company I despise their arrogance and the way they treat customers.

      A/C because at some point in the future, I be a turncoat ;)

      1. Gostev

        Re: "Veeam is cheap"

        Hi, I am curious about some of your statements.

        First, Veeam does not need Enterprise licenses for DR, as replication is included even in most basic Standard Edition. Moreover, provided that you already owned Veeam, you do not need license anything else (again, replication is already included), so I am not sure why have you submitted a separate quote. Those £11,000 you are talking about in the first paragraph of your post would have covered both your backup and replication needs.

        Also, I would appreciate if you clarify our "arrogance" and the way we treat customers, so that we could improve. I am sorry if you had bad experience with Veeam, because we try to treat our customer base with great respect. For example, we have grandfathered our existing customers into top product edition for free every time we have introduced new one, just to day our "thanks" to our loyal customers. This is not too typical for the IT industry these days ;)

        And thank you very much for your kind words about our development, I am actually with Veeam R&D.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: "Veeam is cheap"

          Hi Gostev

          By arrogance, I refer to Veeam's unwillingness to meet customers. Our budget was unfortunately constrained at £8,000, where Veeam insisted on the £11,000 figure. Rather than working with a company who had been a customer for several years, we had no choice but to run with a competitor.

          Whilst speaking with several Veeam resellers that I have a close relationship with, they mentioned this being quite common - But, on the flip side this is Veeams product, so this is their prerogative to set price :) But there are few companies (even multi-nationals) who would not work with a customer on this.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Cheap and easy

      A few 7 digit deals last year... it all goes through the channel

    3. Smoking Gun

      Re: Cheap and easy

      $26000 is average according to Stream to Success webinar I attended yesterday. Said they were doing lots of +£100K deals but I missed that particular slide deck.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Veeam -Thank you Dell

    Dell Management- ESX 5.5 is out but we won't put out a version of Vranger that's compatible, people will wait right?

    Dell opens door for new Veeam customers....

    1. SpuddyMcSpud

      Re: Veeam -Thank you Dell

      Not to defend Dell here, but Quest pretty much stalled development on vRanger when they bought out Vizioncore. The fact that Dell haven't improved matters is hardly surprising.

  4. BigMon

    Big thumbs up for VEEAM from me. Happy Backup Exec customer for years until Symantec massively dropped the ball.

    The best thing I can say about VEEAM is it just works. Excellent forums and support when you raise a case too.

    Not a shill, just a happy customer!

    1. Smoking Gun

      You must have been on their webinar yesterday :- ) this was their tag line "it just works".

      I'm a big fan of Veeam, the company has come on leaps and bounds over the past 2-3 years and the product has rapidly evolved and developed.

      Veeam had a good history at listening to feedback and adapting to market trends, release for Hyper-V is a good example of this and they are now intent on making an Enterprise play.

      There was an interesting slide yesterday that was startling as they stated they had 1600 partners in the UK alone... one concern is their latest strategy seems to be a pile it high approach.

      My concern with Veeam is they are building a healthy market share, but where do they go next? They have good complementary VM management products and SCOM bolt-on's but that's about it.

      Perhaps a few more years of building market share and we might see an complementary acquisition or perhaps be ripe acquisition themselves. The worry then, what ever happened to vRanger since Quest/Dell sunk the claws in.

      But to conclude great to see a company grow so well, the Veeam team are very friendly to work with and our support team and consultants never have a bad word to say about Veeam support.

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