back to article Amazon earnings narrowly beat bean counter expectations

E-retail giant and cloudy king Amazon narrowly exceeded Wall Street expectations on Thursday, causing the stock to inch up in after-hours trading. The company reported earnings per share of $0.23 and net sales of $19.74bn for its first quarter of 2014, exceeding analyst expectations, compared with EPS of .018 per share and net …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Sheesh, close to $20B in revenue for only $146m in profit. Selling PCs instead never looked so good

    1. NotWorkAdmin

      Re: Sheesh

      Not surprising really given the business model. Bezos isn't interested in margins, he's interested in market share. And by share, I mean he wants 100%. Worldwide.

    2. Tiny Iota

      Re: Sheesh

      Remember, profit is what's left after costs, and when Amazon UK pays Amazon US for a piece of IP, then that's a cost and profit is reduced, but it's also keeping money within the company without actually making a profit. Yes, Amazon US then has that money, but they then have costs of their own. Maybe to Amazon DI (Desert Island, me hearties!).

      And by the way, I have nothing against that. If it's legal, then they should do it, so I suppose privateer is a better term for that icon than pirate.

  2. thomas k.
    Thumb Up

    Guess it must be...

    all those CDs I've been ordering lately.

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