back to article Diablo: Get a load of this, PCIe flash-floggers. It's DIMM fine stuff

Diablo has a devilish message for PCIe flash users and suppliers; we’re coming to get you with better, faster, more consistently performing technology. Diablo provides Memory Channel Storage (MCS) technology to SanDisk’s subsidiary SMART Storage. It’s OEMed on to Supermicro and also IBM (soon to be Lenovo) for its x86 servers …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Perhaps a stupid question....

    You plug this in a DIMM slot, so how does the OS know the difference between what's real DDR3 memory and what's flash? I assume it's important as DDR3 is still much faster so you don't want your code or RDBMS cache using flash by accident.

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    2. wchild

      Re: Perhaps a stupid question....

      It's done via UEFI, the device then registers as a storage device. Then a driver on the OS to mount it as a usable device.

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