back to article Amazon wires up email-to-Kindle to its gigantic online hard drive has just switched on an email-to-the-cloud service for owners of its Kindle gadgets. The cloud giant gives each Kindle an email address and firing files at one of those inboxes uploads the documents to the corresponding device: after a brief registration process to ensure a Kindle only accepts incoming " …


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  1. Brenda McViking
  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Interesting ...

    I noticed a while back that my personal documents were showing in my Amazon account. Now my "personal" documents are actually .epub/.mobi files I have acquired from various sources.

    So Amazon know exactly what I *haven't* bought from them.

    AC obviously.

    1. Euripides Pants
      Black Helicopters

      Re: Interesting ...

      "AC obviously"

      Why bother? Amazon already knows all about you and has sent a squadron of drone "delivery" vehicles to your mountain bunker to deal with you.

  3. clanger9

    Kindles have always had the email-to-Kindle-via-Amazon's cloud feature. This part isn't new.

    What does appear to be new is that you can manage the files stored in the cloud though your Cloud Drive.This is welcome as previously there was no sane way to manage these files: just a long list of them that enabled you to delete them one at a time, for example. It'll be much easier to manage if these files now show up in Cloud Drive.

    1. Mage Silver badge


      Before it just delivered the document sent to @kindle after conversion

      Now they keep a copy in original format.

      But presumably you still have to "whilte list" who can send to the Kindle.

      Also some Kindles have no WiFi and are 3G/Edge only. In such a case browsing Amazon or Wikipedia is free, anything else is I think 60 Mbyte (not G!) a month only and all personal documents emailed may be charged at some cents per Mbyte depending on country.

      So I only use USB to transfer to Kindle DX. But the unlimited Wikipedia is good and I've never used up the monthly non-Amazon/Wikipedia limit. It's only handy to look up something when you have shut down the lap top or maybe in bed.

      I looked up "Earth" the other day though and all the detail was gone replaced by "Mostly Harmless".

      So the only new aspect I can see is the unwanted and not needed to me storing of original format document in Amazon's so called Cloud (Hosting). I use USB for Kindle and have my own personalised unlimited hosting with out "Cloud" marketing label stuck on.

  4. Cookieninja

    One thing that is news for me ...

    One thing that is news for me, is that I now have an email address accessible from a device that can live on stand-by for up to 1 month! My "old school" e-ink kindle suddenly got a great deal more useful, especially if my email server automatically archived email with Amazon as it arrived instead of using the kindle address as my primary address.

  5. Joe K

    Seeing as everything you email to Kindle is always stored in the "Manage my Kindle - Archive" part of your Amazon account, as well as the sent items part of whatever email account you use...... this hardly qualifies as "interesting".

  6. TheRealRoland

    And, don't you have to pay for this privilege? If I remember correctly, the Kindle 3G connection was abused by a lot of people, using it as a tethering device? Last time I checked (granted, almost a year ago) there's a file size limit mentioned somewhere in your amazon kindle account. If the file mailed exceeds that, the file will not be sent across the whisper net (or whatever it is called).

    1. JDX Gold badge

      I thought they introduced charging by the Mb for files transferred by 3G.

      1. Fuzz

        pretty sure that's right

        I think you have two email addresses one sends the files for free but only if your kindle is connected via wifi and the other you have to pay for.

      2. Vladimir Plouzhnikov

        They did - 20p per Mb, if downloaded via 3G. You can set the maximum charge limit and it won't let you use 3G to DL a file exceeding the limit.

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