back to article Cloud storage gateway firm: Selling to end users? Meh. We'll leave it to CSPs, et CTERA

A briefing from folks at cloud storage gateway upstart CTERA revealed there was more to the firm than Reg storage desk had thought. CTERA was founded by Liran Eshel and Zohar Kaufman after experience running a company in the SMB network security area and producing appliances. Eshel is CTERA’s CEO and Kaufmann its VP for …


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  1. Chris Mellor 1

    Additional info

    Here's more info from CTERA:

    I should note that we support more than what is immediately available on our website… we need to update that :)

    Amazon S3, Amplidata, Caringo, Cleversafe, Cloudian, DDN WOS, EMC Atmos, EMC ViPR, Hitachi HCP, IBM GPFS, OpenStack SWIFT, Scality.

    With more to follow…

    Additionally ... we have our own sync & share client that co-exists with our backup client so customers can manage backup and sync from one central system where the cloud is optionally extended by gateways (that also feature NAS support) - gateways are used when a customer wants LAN-level performance and low latency of data access.

    BTW – you might have seen this one this week; Orange Business Services Launches CTERA-based Flexible Cloud Storage.

    With 8M business customers at Orange, this is a tremendous validation of the platform.

    (All this comes via mail from Jeff Denworth.)


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