back to article AWS could 'consider' ARM CPUs, RISC-as-a-service

Amazon Web Services (AWS) chief technology officer Werner Vogels believes the cloudy colossus could, in the future consider using ARM CPUs, or even offering RISC-as-a-service to help those on legacy platforms enjoy cloud elasticity. Speaking to The Register in Sydney yesterday, Vogels said he feels “there is absolutely room …


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  1. Bronek Kozicki

    for some applications

    ... ARM in cloud just makes sense. As long as it is cheap to reflect (small) processing power, (small) power cost and (small) rack footprint. Alternatively, AWS could team with Parallella and bring massively parallel ARM cores to the cloud, for those customers who made enough progress in parallel programming. That would be interesting.

    1. Luke McCarthy

      Re: for some applications

      The parallel part of the Parallela is a different ISA though (Epiphany).

  2. real_alias

    “The world is no longer processor-dependent,” Vogels said - except when it is, I add.

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