back to article Space race auction: $130k raised for spacesuits, Apollo 11 kit

The latest space history auction in New York has raised tens of thousands of dollars selling off spacesuits, spacecraft models and Apollo 11 memorabilia. Mercury-era spacesuit Bonhams held its annual space auction yesterday in the US where a Lunokhod 2 Lunar Rover model went for $15,000, a Mercury-era spacesuit went under …


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  1. MrT

    Missed the auction details...

    ...but I hope that Mercury spacesuit wasn't the one worn by Alan Shepard on Freedom 7...

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Missed the auction details...

      …with a recorded message from mother nature to call back later?

  2. Alister

    Have they raised enough to fund a ticket on Elon Musk's space bus yet?

  3. Nick Ryan Silver badge

    Is it me or does the sale price of some of these items feel a bit low considering their significance in the achievements of mankind? Incidental stuff used by film stars often sells for considerably more.

    1. NoneSuch Silver badge

      @Nick Ryan

      I'm with you. I bet the organizers would make 200% more if Kim Kardashian wore the space suit. Of course, I wouldn't be buying it then...

    2. Martin Budden Silver badge

      Makes one wonder what Sandra Bullock's "space suit" would fetch. Assuming it's been recovered from the bottom of the lake film studio tank.

      1. druck Silver badge
        Thumb Down

        No tank involved, it was all CGI with a physics model of pure bollocks.

  4. JeffyPoooh

    "$130k..." "...raised tens of thousands of dollars..."

    $15,000 + just over $43,000 + $37,500 + $62,500 + $68,750 + $150,000 + $240,000 = ...

    Just the prices explicitly mentioned sum to over $600k.

    1. SteveK

      Re: "$130k..." "...raised tens of thousands of dollars..."

      The $150k and $240k were listed as being taken on *previous* auctions, not this one.

      That said, adding up the rest of the items listed still comes to just short of $230k rather than $130k. Maybe the extra $100k is auction fees (did they use eBay+paypal or something??)

  5. FartingHippo

    Mistaken priorities

    One Mercury spacesuit: $43,000

    One small china teacup: $36,000,000

    I mean, WTF is wrong with people?

    1. southpacificpom

      Re: Mistaken priorities

      Some of them have too much money.

  6. Stevie Silver badge


    Well at least we know why NASA was so hot to grab Jim Lovell's checklist so he couldn't sell it himself.

    What a bunch of two-faced chiselers.

    Hey, NASA, if anyone is going to profit from the sale of Taxpayer-Bought Space Memorabilia, I for one would rather it be the heroic guys who actually made it worth owning rather than a bunch of suits who can't move fast enough to sell it at bargain basement prices to the rich and privileged once it has been restored to the "proper owners".

  7. southpacificpom

    A, what?

    "The biggest ticket items to sell in previous auctions included a "One Small Step for a Man" quote signed by Neil Armstrong for $150,000 "

    Did he really say "a"?

    1. JeffyPoooh

      Re: A, what?

      "Did he really say 'a'?"

      One careful audio analysis found evidence of a few milliseconds of an 'a'.

      Perhaps he was a bit nervous and partially - mostly - misspoke, what with being the first human about to set foot on the Moon and all.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Ideally all of these items should be displayed in a museum as a group and not sold to individuals.

    This was the most significant event in human history (in my opinion) and in the centuries to come people will be staggered that a proper record wasn't assembled.

  9. Jugernautilus

    Hollywood memorabilia

    Well a lot of people would argue that seeing as the moonlandings were faked, these are items used by actors.


    Flees the flames....

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