back to article Gov cheerleader Sajid Javid gets nod from PM to park in Miller's spot

Prime Minister David Cameron has hastily replaced shamed Culture Secretary of State Maria Miller with Tory MP Sajid Javid - a man who, according to his Parliamentary voting record, rarely rebelled against the coalition government. He now takes on the post left vacant by Miller's inglorious exit. Miller resigned this morning …


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  1. James Boag

    New face, but for how long ?

    Appointed a bit to quickly to do proper due diligence on him, How long will he last before his expenses see him out ?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: New face, but for how long ?

      bearing in mind he gave up a v highly paid job at Deutsche Bank earning an estimated £5million salary to be an MP, I would expect expenses not to be the highest priority.

    2. Don Jefe

      Re: New face, but for how long ?

      Due diligence? Oh, I see. You think that when a position becomes available they do a review of all potential candidates and see who has the fewest shit stains in their underpants.

      I see where that might seem like a good idea, but no government, regardless of the country it's in or its political leanings, works that way. See, when you appoint someone you want them to do your bidding in a way that keeps you out of the line of fire and gives them an opportunity to eliminate a future potential rival or two on the way. That's standard you know.

      Since that's universally the case, the best choice is always the person with the most shit in their underpants. Those people can be counted on to do what's best for themselves. Do you know what people with clean underpants keep in there? Whistles.

      You just can't depend on people who keep whistles about their person. They're always looking out for themselves by making it look like they're looking out for others. They're guaranteed to start blowing those whistles at the first chance they get. In case you haven't noticed, being accompanied by a whistle trilling funeral dirge is about the most embarrassing way possible to get fired. Nobody wants that.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Err.. whaaat?

  3. Naughtyhorse

    el reg! you seem to have a bit of a typo there

    expenses that had been wrongly claimed by the Cabinet minister.

    90 grand that was found to have been nicked by the cabinet minister.

    there fixed it for you.... temporarily

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Caption competition for that photo

    Woman : "Minister, this is called a 'cat-5' cable. You plug this into your computer to connect to the internet'

    Minister : "Marvelous, how very 'science fiction'. Now I know more than enough to become 'Minister for Broadband'".

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    bored bored bored of this.

    Down with them all! I mean she was wrong for claiming, but who authourized the payments?

    Why arent they also up for the chop?

    Why arent they both being asked questions by the boys in blue?

    Y'know, like any one of us would be if we essentially put £90k of someone elses money in our pocket!

  6. MJI Silver badge

    Tongue twister

    I just cannot say his full name!!!!


    However seen him on QT and he seems OK.

  7. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    Simple. He's from the Treasury therefor....

    Safe pair of hands and not likely to be up to anything obviously bent*

    *Of course lack of evidence <> evidence of lack.

  8. returnmyjedi

    Congratulations to the man. I'm sure he'll perform as admirably and effectively in office as Mr Hunt and Ms Miller before him.

  9. IHateWearingATie

    Up the road, not next door

    The Ministry of Fun is at the top end of Whitehall, so he will have wandered up the road from the Treasury (he won't have been based in No11, too junior for that)

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    ...he's ok to a degree. A career politician no doubt, but I've had several dealing with him and he seems fairly amiable. HOWEVER he will always toe the party line, so if there is a controversy, say building on green belt land in villages and the Gov has said it's acceptabel (there's at lot of that around Bromsgrove) or massive cutbacks hitting local amenities, don't expect him to stand up for you.

    As for Broadband, well most villages around the area have Infinity, so sod you lot, we're OK.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Sajid...

      I should point out, for those that don't know, Bromsgrove borders Redditch, a place that had the lovely, honest, truthful Jacqui Smith as the former MP, so we know a thing or two about expenses around here.

      1. John Smith 19 Gold badge

        Re: Sajid...

        "I should point out, for those that don't know, Bromsgrove borders Redditch, a place that had the lovely, honest, truthful Jacqui Smith as the former MP, so we know a thing or two about expenses around here."

        I think HMP Redditch is also conveniently located for incarcerating people and is a big local employer, although I can think of a few candidates to help fill it up a bit more. .

    2. MJI Silver badge

      Re: Sajid...

      I am not too far from those - work used to have Wacquie as MP

      Home has the son of a previous MP

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Sajid...

      "...he's ok to a degree. A career politician no doubt"

      Nope. A City investment banker, no less, with twenty years or so filling his wheelbarrow of cash at Chase Manhattan and Deutsche Bank, possibly amongst others. As far as I can tell (living locally to Bromsgrove, as it appears do rather a lot of commentards) Javid is now a London man, wealthy beyond the wildest imaginings of his constituents, parachuted into Bromsgrove to fulfil Tory party ambitions to increase their "diversity" quotas.

      1. MJI Silver badge

        Re: Sajid...


        Well our MP (nearby to Sajid) he is not a local as such but has big local connections, his father was a previous MP, his father also died in a local hospice, oh and our MP lives in the town.

        But then he was picked on quite nastily by a Labour PPC pillock (this person not the party) for not going to a discussion on food banks, therefore meaning they didn't like them etc etc. Instead he was at a meeting on childrens hospices. Oh that back fired on them people asking them why they hated dieing children.

        But he entered parliament at the same election but has been told to expect to not be a minister as he once voted against the government.

        This proves the usual that the party system is bad for democracy, vote as your constituents want and always be overlooked.

    4. MJI Silver badge

      Re: Sajid...

      So that is why he has been promoted and not my MP.

      My MP occasionally rebels.

  11. Baron Ebaneezer Wanktrollop III

    Voted very strongly for selling England’s state owned forests

    Voted very strongly for capping civil service redundancy payments

    Voted very strongly for ending financial support for some 16-19 year olds in training and further education

    Voted very strongly for university tuition fees

    Voted very strongly against increasing the tax rate applied to income over £150,000

    Voted very strongly for increasing the rate of VAT

    Voted strongly for higher taxes on alcoholic drinks

    Should we have expected anything else? Anyone other than a complete and utter wanker would stand out like a sore thumb.

    1. Anonymous Blowhard

      Rigorous Selection Process

      Dave: Will you do whatever I say?

      Sajid: Yes!

      Dave: You're hired!

      1. WonkoTheSane

        Re: Rigorous Selection Process

        "Dave: Will you do whatever your Permanent Secretary says?

        Sajid: Yes!

        Dave: You're hired!"


    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "Voted very strongly for ...."

      Go on then, Baron von Wanktrollop, explain how in a binary voting system he voted either "strongly" or "very strongly"?

      1. Snake Plissken

        You realise that those ratings aren't based on a binary vote, instead on a pattern of voting around an issue?

        Oh, you don't. You really don't.

      2. Graham Marsden

        @AC - "Voted very strongly for..."

        Go to and you can see an MPs voting record on a whole range of issues.

    3. Graham Marsden

      @ Baron Ebaneezer Wanktrollop III

      Well, as the caption on the picture says: "Tory MP Sajid Javid, pictured far right"...

  12. Captain Hogwash

    Minister of Fun?

    I'm not sure how much fun he'll be. The photo caption says he's on the far right.

    1. MJI Silver badge

      Re: Minister of Fun?

      Voted very strongly for increasing the rate of VAT

      Voted strongly for higher taxes on alcoholic drinks

      Now those are NOT fun

  13. Longrod_von_Hugendong

    Mind you his...

    House in Finstall does look very good - especially the big electronic security gates. The house I am sure will be even more impressive now.

    As I have always maintained, still a blue rosette on a hat stand in Bromsgrove and it would get voted in.

    and I know a fair bit about Bromsgrove...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Mind you his...

      "House in Finstall does look very good "

      Does he actually live there, though? After some embarrassment (eg in neighbouring Redditch) where Tory candidates from miles away were standing against locals, it seems that the Tories mandated that their candidates needed an "official" residence in the constituency. But that doesn't seem to mean they actually live there.

    2. MJI Silver badge

      Re: Mind you his...

      And I'll raise you a donkey.

      Seen this the other way round, with some local councillors, some are basically incompetent, and others are idiots.

      The incompetent would be the blue hat stand, and the idiot is the pin a red rosette on a donkey.

  14. Snake Plissken

    Lovely chap

    Just check out this Twitter comment.

    1. MJI Silver badge

      Re: Lovely chap

      What a twit.

      It was obvious we needed to keep out of Syria too many sides. Which side would we have supported?

      And with Crimea, again keep out of it too much history.

  15. Teiwaz Silver badge

    Don't recognise him at all.

    We really need Spitting Image back.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Don't recognise him at all.

      "We really need Spitting Image back."

      You don't think that the rubber faces and self satirising extremes of politicians behaviour make that a herculean task for comedy writers?

      There's Millitwerp with his Fluck & Law face, and total lack of substance, Cameron with a completely empty head, surrounded his Etonian chumocracy, and Cleggers doing a simple reprise of no-mates little David Steel.

      1. Juan Inamillion

        Re: Don't recognise him at all.

        A remarkably well observed summation.

        Collect an up vote.

      2. MJI Silver badge

        Re: Don't recognise him at all.

        Never thought of that you are completely right Millibland is his own Spitting Image puppet.

        Have an upvote.

        Bring back S.I. we have at least four very pisstakeable leaders here.

  16. Don Jefe

    Solid Start

    It's always good when the 'new guy' in a post has a clear understanding of the priorities. Justifying BT's broadband contract awards in an appropriate manner was obviously not high enough on Secretary Miller's to-do list.

    Expect glowing commentary on BT's technical excellence and the savings made by adding an incremental responsibility to an already 'well integrated' partner such as BT. If you've ever thought of going into the high paid, exciting world of corporate marketing this could be your chance. Expect several new BT State Liasion roles to be opened about six hours ago.

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