back to article NSW government gets into the smartphone case business

Today's Sydney Morning Herald reports that the right-leaning government in the Australian state of New South Wales has decided to outsource lots of public service jobs because it believes there's a limit to what governments should do. Why, then, is the same government entering the business of selling mobile phone cases? The …


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  1. Diogenes

    Shirley opal could be a case study for pay by bonk

    Title says it all

    1. Sampler

      Re: Shirley opal could be a case study for pay by bonk

      This was my first thought when I came to the country and saw they were introducing Opal cards but already had paypass infrastructure in place, surely a pre-authorisation of maximum fair when you swipe in and then exact charge when you swipe out?

      Though this doesn't generate the large amounts of cash to sit in the Opal card accounts and gather interest I guess.

      Also, where's my NFC phone app to replace the card?

  2. Gray Ham

    An easier solution ...

    I've taken to carrying my MyWay* card in the same holder as my workplace ID card - attached to the lanyard and much easier than reaching in my pocket for the mobile every time I get on or off a bus. Although, I can't really see the point of the government selling them, because most mobe cases have some form of card holder anyway.

    *Canberra equivalent, used on the buses and presumably will work for the trams once we get them.

  3. MrDamage

    Hassle to find in your wallet?

    Try putting it back into the same slot every time, and that hassle disappears.

    Or, if you dont give a crap about basic security, just hold your wallet up against the reader (and let it sniff all your other cards at the same time).

  4. Big-nosed Pengie

    *The "Opal" name is consciously modelled on London's "Oyster Card".

    How TF does that work?

    1. KrisMac

      Re: *The "Opal" name is consciously modelled on London's "Oyster Card".

      ermmmmm.... 'cos you gets Opal's from Oysters perhaps?

  5. Tim Bates

    Ummm. No NFC?

    The Galaxy S3 and S4 do NFC, right? As do Note 2 and 3 (did the first one?) and various other non-Samsung devices. Surely a single app for all these Androidian users would suffice?

    I'm no expert on how that all works (though reading my friends' credit cards with my phone is a neat party trick), but it can't be as complicated as trying to market phone wallets to S3 users, can it?

  6. Andrew Punch

    Just when I think I have spotted the April Fools article...

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