back to article Chinese cops cuff 1,500 in fake base station spam raid

China’s police have arrested over 1,500 people on suspicion of using fake base stations to send out mobile SMS spam. The current crackdown, began in February, according to Reuters. Citing a Ministry of Public Security missive, the newswire says a group operating in north-east Liaoning province, bordering North Korea, is …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's going to come here too ..

    .. but via a different route.

    You didn't think Facebook and Google asking for your mobile number was really "for your safety", did you? Why do you think FB paid such a massive amount for WhatsApp?

    The most interesting problem we'll face is that there's no way to filter or avoid this. Even the international provider gateways have little in the way of filtering...

  2. Katie Saucey


    @AC, ".. but via a different route"

    The current owner of (random_area_code) 867-5309 is going to be pissed. Everyone I know (from my 80s generation anyway), all use the "Jenny number" when asked for their mobe number.

  3. EmperorFromage

    Finally, a stopper to strumpet spam

    I have gotten dozen of indecipherable messages when visiting central Beijing. Asking the locals to translate them, invariably turns red faces. But it is more bothersome that my phone becomes unavailable for legitimate traffic while it is hijacked by the fake GSM base stations.

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