back to article Dotcom's Mega looks for a backdoor onto NZ stock exchange

Kim Dotcom’s cloud storage business Mega Ltd has announced plans to go public with a NZ$210 million (£109m) backdoor listing on the New Zealand stock exchange, which will open the firm up to a whole new level of scrutiny. Backdoor listings are usually enacted by smaller firms looking to go public without the cost and hassle of …


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  1. Charles Manning


    I thought North Korean money was called won?

    Typo maybe?

    1. Ole Juul

      Re: NK$

      I didn't see won.


  2. OzBob

    And now he is confirmed as a Hitler Sympathiser

    Independent reports verify he owns a rare signed copy of "Mein Kampf", written by someone he refers to as the "greatest german who has ever lived". He was also gifted a Nazi flag in 2011 for his birthday. He says "Seig Heil" when German visitors are present, based on reports from his mansion staff. (Read the whaleoil article for the evidence, the stuff article is a puff-piece).

    So, still think this guy should form a politic party and run a business? IBM did well out of the holocaust, creating tabulating machines for the numbers of undesirables being gassed, so there is precedent here.

    1. 2much2young

      Re: And now he is confirmed as a Hitler Sympathiser

      Point 1: He "owns" a copy of "Mein Kampf". I mean so what ? If you owned, say, a collection of Stalins letters would that make you a Stalin sympathiser ?

      Point 2: WhaleOil = National Party PR Office so I won't be taking too much away from the WhaleOil story.

      When/if the Mega float happens there's a significant chance its investors will make a better return than that seen by the Mighty River et al government sell offs. This is probably why Mr Dotcom is doing it in the first place and it's certainly one reason it's necessary to find new ways to slag him off. Other reasons include stuff he's got in the cupboard from the days when the Nats were all matey with him (John Banks, assistance with residency etc). The Nats don't have many threats between here and the election in September but Mr Dotcom is one of them.

      All of this could have been avoided if the current government could curb its tendency to shout "how high" when someone from Washington is on the line.

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