back to article EU regulators quiz mobe industry over Hong Kong group's new bid

EU competition regulators are going to the mobile ISP industry with new concessions from Hong Kong firm Hutchison Whampoa, as it seeks approval for its $1bn bid for O2 Ireland. Sources whispered to Reuters that the conglomerate has offered the European Commission a new deal for Telefonica's Irish company after an initial …


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  1. fLaMePrOoF

    "If it succeeds in slurping O2 Ireland, it'll reduce the number of operators in the country from four to three, with just Meteor and Vodafone as rivals, potentially reducing the amount of competition and therefore hiking prices for users"

    I don't think so if the example set in the UK is anything to go by - while the 'old boys network' which runs the main operators here have been price fixing for years, 3 has been very much the outsider aggressively and consistently undercutting prices...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "3 has been very much the outsider"

      You could be wrong, but I suspect not: I can remember Orange's glory days when they were owned by Hutchison, and they were innovative and interesting. As soon as Orange were sold to Frog Telecom it was all downhill and the merger with T-Mobile has only made things worse, combing the sloth, greed and incompetence of the two largest national telecoms incumbents in Europe. Indeed, for EE customers, it really couldn't get worse (unless the cash strapped European owners sold a stake to BT).

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