back to article Symantec fires CEO Steve Bennett: To lose 1 chief is unfortunate, to lose 2 is OK, apparently

Symantec has fired its second CEO in two years: the company's chief exec, president and former board chairman Steve Bennett was today shown the door after less than 18 months on the job. "We recognize Steve's contributions to Symantec, including developing and leading a series of successful initiatives focused on …


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  1. asdf

    crystal ball says

    My prediction regardless of who their next CEO is is that their products will still be intrusive (custom OS hooks all around), bloaty, and bring your system to a crawl after several months (especially if you go with the default install options). Been the case for the last decade and some things never change.

  2. Don Dumb


    Symantec - "to enhance our position as a market leader."

    El Reg article - "the troubled security and storage giant."

    I wonder which one might be true.

    Come to think about it, I've seen much less bundling of Norton lately, whereas McAfee and others are still very conspicuous in bundles and corporate installs (that I have noticed).

  3. Cynicalmark


    Yes, the bloatware that is not practical has claimed another.....corporate muppetry at its finest here....its the product not the people that is failing....i for one advise strongly against bloated and nanny like software from this vendor as you may as well bin a notebook after installing.....

    1. Tree

      Re: bloatware

      Their sales have to be in the toilet. The only time people would get the security suite is by buying a new computer with Symantec/Norton as part of the crapware.. However, Windows HATE is discouraging the purchasers, because the average person cannot find anything like documents or programs, let alone the "off" button..

      Do not blame the current CEO, but that guy who is on Microsoft's board for the reduction in sales. Microsoft came up with the new OS, which they claim is the safest, most bulletproof Windows ever. Why run the bloatware when you have Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender for free? It is less likely that they will identify the kernel as a virus as Symantec occasionally does.

  4. cd

    When it comes to Symantec, I'm not sympathetic.

  5. DerekCurrie
    Thumb Down

    Symantec: Please Just Roll Over And Die

    I for one have been long sick of your deceit and lousy software. Symantec: Just die already.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Symantec: Please Just Roll Over And Die


      Google the keywords Symantec Sucks for one man's view of 'The World's Worst SW Company' (TM).

  6. psychonaut

    shame he was pushed

    He was actually trying to fix the company. He said he didnt care what the shareholders wanted and that it would take time to fix the mess. but he was moving in the right direction. He made lots of good changes apparantly. This is the problem with a company like that. It's all for the shareholders and the execs who have lots of stock - he obviously wasnt making them enough money. Too bad for symantec.

  7. Calum n Shady

    as someone who was just paid off

    after 8 years at symc, my feeling is that the frustration felt by a large proportion of the sales team

    seems to be (at last) shared by the board.

    product roadmaps for 3 years with little innovation. compensation schemes and targets that are late and unrealistic. channel program that is still not announced after more than a year of empty promises.

    expect a bunch of product sell offs in the near future. backup exec first to go.

  8. Hans 1

    Symantec killed Norton Utilities and Norton Ghost

    Avast ate Norton AntiVirus

    They lost the consumer market

    Couple of security issues here and there

    They lost corporate market

    That and bulky bloated swiss army-knife-like software that cannot find a virus if it was shown one....

  9. JeffyPoooh

    I hope it hurts...

    Sorry to be mean, but I hope that they suffer.

  10. psychonaut

    yup, money money money

    my missus works for symantec in business critical.

    please note that norton is the bastard child. most employees of symantec are embarrassed to be associated with it.

    "compensation schemes and targets that are late and unrealistic."

    the guy was trying to turn the ship around from the mess it had become. the stupid idea that they should release a product update every year even if it didnt do anything different from the previous year and maybe even had functionality that used to work and they dicked with it, didnt test it properly (or more likely werent able to given the time constraints) and then it didnt work etc.

    from the techs and staff that i know through my missus (im not personally employed by them and i hate norton with a passion), they thought he was doing a good job. getting rid of useless management levels and trying to get them to a stage where their product worked, and if it did, then not to mess with it.

    just sayin'.

    1. gannett

      Re: yup, money money money

      Bennett was a changer that was moving the needle and dumping the numties and fat 1:3 sales management layers.

      Sorting a tech corp takes time. Refactoring products is a long term process

      esp when the cash cows are still milking.

      Dumping Steve is a step back to the quarter-at-a-time pointy hair management style.

  11. David 132 Silver badge

    Have they actually gotten rid of him yet?

    My prediction is that actually removing him from the role will take a surprisingly long amount of time, there'll be lots of Googling for "how to uninstall Symantec CEO", and eventually they'll just give up and start the company afresh.

  12. JaitcH

    Symantec? I thought they had ...


  13. TitterYeNot

    John McAfee shows the way...

    It would be absolutely bleedin' priceless if he made a 'How to Uninstall Symantec Antivirus' video, in a similar style to John McAfee's classic How to Uninstall McAfee Antivirus (Warning - NSFW.)

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