back to article 'Software amplifier' boosts quantum signals

Even in quantum communications, adjusting the parameters of Shannon's Theorem can help improve reach and range. A group of Australian National University (ANU) researchers has found a way to extend the reach of quantum communications by improving the signal-to-noise ratio of quantum systems. Their work, published in Nature …


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  1. Valeyard


    so what exactly is quantum computing anyone?

    as far as i know, you put a cat into a box, shut the lid and plug a hdmi cable into the side of it and it suddenly boots up as a superfast PC. but apparently the cat now needs his signals amplified (if indeed it's alive)

    1. Osgard Leach

      Re: whaaat

      Well Valeyard, I've read up on all this and you're spot on except for the HDMI bit. Yesterdays tech mate. Plus you only probably have to have put the cat in the box.

  2. MooseNC


    I didn't know Lady Gage moonlighted as a physics student...

  3. cortland

    Does it work on

    Does Quantum Mechanics apply to Auto mechanics?

    I can't tell how much it's going to cost when he says what's wrong -- and if he tells me how much it will cost, he never says what he found.

    1. AbeSapian

      Re: Does it work on

      Yes, but it all relies on probability. It might cost a little, or it might cost a lot. It all depends on how the cat is feeling at that moment.

  4. Dr Patrick J R Harkin

    I hereby resolve...

    ....never to read any article with "quantum" in the headline.

    It's just embarrassing how little I understand.

    Mind you... Could these quantum scientist guys be bluffing? I mean if it gets you funding to play with lasers - you'd stretch the truth a bit wouldn't you? And who peer-reviews it all? OTHER QUANTUM PHYSICISTS! Mighty convenient, if you ask me.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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