back to article Plusnet wants resellers' SME customers and is willing to pay

Biz broadband and calls provider Plusnet has called on distie DMSL to muster dealers that want to flog its services to SMEs weeks after the latest web wobble. The timing on recruitment could be better for the Sheffield-based ISP following an outage on 4 March that downed services for an hour. Connectivity wholesaler DMSL will …


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  1. msknight

    Plusnet's supplied routers ... yeh, right

    I was with Plusnet and using their supplied router, when my Wi-Fi got hacked and my DSL allowance was used up in two days (triggering an alarm)

    Despite using the equipment they supplied, if someone hacked the router I was still held responsibility for the security of said router and all activity that took place on it.

    That won't come as a surprise to anyone, but if they have in any way suggested to the reporter that their supplied equipment is more secure than other people's equipment, then you'll excuse me if I put my head down a toilet and laugh my guts up.

    I now run a router I purchased myself. This tosh that some of the ISP's put out as supplied routers are just a joke.

    1. Captain Scarlet Silver badge

      Re: Plusnet's supplied routers ... yeh, right

      I don't have to worry about that, my Plusnet router overheats if anyone tries to use it.

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  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    SMEs ought to be told about lack of security generally...

    If SMEs want to sign up, they better not plan on using PlusNet's email service - especially outside the network.

    Passwords are transmitted in plain text (they even tell you to ignore Thunderbird's warning s about it). The comments from their employees on the forums a couple of years ago were 'its too expensive', now it is 'well even if we did no-one is going to change their settings and switch to it'.

    Oh and last I knew a few years ago their support folks had access to at least various letters of your password when doing challenges.

    Oh and that DNS issue - they never sent an email about it to all their customers which would have likely got a few more folks to fix their routers.

    They really don't seem to be caring about security to any detail - and that's something everyone & SMEs should be told about.

  4. SImon Hobson Silver badge

    To be fair ...

    And speaking as a customer for many years, it's hardly the ISPs fault if a customer's own equipment is either faulty/insecure/badly setup/whatever and causes *that customer's* traffic to get redirected.

    Yes, they have problems - and I had *strongly worded discussions* with them over the deficiencies in their DNS and email systems (at the time it was impossible to use the included hosting but not have email go through, or rather got lost in, their broken servers). But their connectivity works fine for me, and unlike some ISPs we have to deal with at work on behalf of customers, you can actually get hold of support !

    Not the cheapest, but they don't try to pretend that they don't do traffic management (they are open about that), appear to have enough backhaul for the service not to crawl to a halt in the evenings, have support staff that speak/write english and can be got hold of, and in my experience are reasonably reliable (most problems I've had have been Openreach issues).

    Oh yes, and they don't charge extra for a static IP address - unlike BT who charge £5/month for one address !

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