back to article Cloudera bags $160m from Google Ventures and Mike Dell

Cloudy startup Cloudera has raised $160m from top investors including T Rowe Price and Google Ventures in its latest funding round to expand further into the big data market. "Cloudera will use the funding to further drive the enterprise adoption of and innovation in Hadoop and promote the enterprise data hub (EDH) market, …


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  1. W. Anderson

    Bizarre connection of Microsoft's Dell puppet to Cloudera Open Source technology.

    What is so bizarre in connect with this announcement is that of investment by Michael Dell ventures, since Mr. Dell himself and the company Dell computers are tied at the hip and to a degree subservient to Microsoft, from Redmond's $4 billion "loan" to private corporation Dell, and the the long standing contractual agreements between the 2 companies for promoting and implementing Microsoft "only" technologies, most especially Microsoft virtualization, Big data and Cloud Computing Services, directly competitive to Cloudera technologies.

    Could this be a Microsoft funded "Trojan Horse" effort for Dell to get deep inside the Hadoop/ OpenStack project ecosystem and then sabotage the project and/or secund all the technical information on Hadoop/OpenStack for Microsoft's gain?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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