back to article Red Hat plans unified security management for Fedora 21

Red Hat is planning a significant change to how its Fedora Linux distribution handles crypto policy, to ship with the due-in-late-2014 Fedora 21 release. In this wiki post, the Fedora Project outlines what it calls “system-wide crypto policy”. The idea is that Fedora would provide consistent security for all applications …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    My reaction: Finally!!! Wait... god damnit!

    "Finally!!!" because such a facility is awesome and couldn't come sooner.

    "god damnit!" because considering this nugget of brilliance is only going to be released on Fedora later this year there is simply no way of it coming to RHEL 7.

    (Small team here so it does help tremendously in the "update management" department if we simply stick to what's available on the standard RHEL repositories... especially since Redhat does an astonishingly good job (in our experience) in ensuring that patches don't end up borking our live servers (and of course replace RHEL with CentOS for our less mission-critical servers)).

    1. oldcoder

      Re: My reaction: Finally!!! Wait... god damnit!

      Well, "astonishingly good" is relative.

      Gnome 3 still sucks wind, though it has been tamed a bit.

      Systemd still sucks wind big time. And is a large security "hit me here" target.

      1. pirithous

        Re: My reaction: Finally!!! Wait... god damnit!

        The first time I saw Gnome 3, I said: "What in the hell is this ugly shit?" Gnome 3 is right down there with Windows 8.x. The developers really created an abhorrent piece of software, and I have to disagree with you that it's getting better. I'm not sure what they were smoking when they created it. It's practically unusable, and Gnome 3 is an insult to anybody that knows how to use a computer.

        RedHat needs to choose a new default desktop for Fedora. RedHat is a good company with smart people, but they need to move away from the K-3-tablet-Gnome 3 playschool desktop environment. I'm tired of companies and organizations foisting things on people which they think they want. I know what I want, and don't need somebody shoving repugnant shit in my face.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    One really good thing to see is...

    ...that Fedora 21 is not going to be released in May, they've actually put a whole 6 months into the schedule to get things settled down a bit more. The most recent 3 releases have been pretty hairy in that things have gone wrong with the new installer and the updating tools such as fedup have been less than perfect. It seems that someone has finally said "Enough!" and forced a delay to allow people to tidy up things that need it.

    Good on the security overhaul too though, sounds good to me.

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