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When you are trying to persuade your company to spend a pile of cash on a new installation, you can be certain it will want to be sure the installation can support the business for the coming years. Given that the average technology crystal ball is cloudy at best, how do you evolve your data centre while protecting against a …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "IBM Power series will be a going concern"

    Really? Versus Wintel Servers with 6TB in a single system image now with the latest Xeon based hardware - and that's without even trying? I think like much of what IBM sell, it's likely a slowly dying boat anchor market...

  2. Mr Anonymous

    Is this a school essay?

    I expect better from the reg.

  3. M. B.


    ...I would consciously do everything in my power to remove spanning tree from the data center network. It's really funny when STP has a hissy fit for some reason or another and your data center shits the bed for a minute. And by "funny" I mean "absolutely catastrophic".

  4. Down not across

    Article demonstrates complete lack of real world experience

    I have to agree with the question by a previous commentard as to whether this is a school essay.

    The article shows utter lack of any real world experience (at least of any larger corporate environment).

    "Now for servers. At the physical server level, life is reassuringly easy. You are either Intel-based or you are not."

    This is probably the most glaring (but by no means the only one) example. Take just about any large corporate environment and they will most likely have multiple architectures in their infrastructure.

    All in all rather simplistic, rose-tinted view that doesn't really even start to address anything that happens on the datacentre level.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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