back to article Australia doubts ICANN is ready to run the internet

Australia's communications minister Malcolm Turnbull has endorsed USA's decision to hand over core internet supervisory chores to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Calling the USA's decision “A momentous day in the history of the Internet” in a blog post, Turnbull says the USA's current …


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  1. RoyalHeart

    "Those words aren't entirely hollow: Australian Bruce Tonkin sits on ICANN's board. Compatriot Paul Twomey was the organisation's chair and president from 2003-20101, giving Australia plenty of influence within the organisation."

    20101? Gee that's a loooooooooooooooooooooooong time in the future. Me thinks The Doctor may have been involved, with that timey-wimey thing and all.

    Or, contact a typo has been been made.

  2. PyLETS

    Law unto themselves

    The fact ICANN is technically a non profit doesn't mean it hasn't been given a license to print money for the benefit of it's executives and directors. How much are TLDs sold for advertising purposes worth, and to what extent does ICANN bringing these into existence indicate any kind of global consensus other than a self-interested one ?

    I see controversy ahead.

    1. Ole Juul

      Re: Law unto themselves

      "I see controversy ahead."

      And that's a good thing. I too wonder where that money is going. I'm sure they have high operating expenses, but pressure from the global community might bring some transparency, perhaps even some responsibility.

  3. Sampler

    I'm posting this on a lousy 7mb connection in the heart of one of Australia's major cities and that's the best available to buy.

    Maybe he should look at sorting his own shambles out before bothering the world stage.

  4. Tromos

    Does this mean...

    ...that Google is no longer running the Internet?

  5. jobst

    Oh Turnbull!

    In the voice of Joe Doice "Shaddap You Face", Turnbull.

    Australia's communication/Internet (telstra,NBN,ziggy,copper,politics,monopoly) is a real mess - and you are trying to tell the rest of the world how to run the Internet? And BTW, did you see how many people showed up on the "March in March" demonstrations yesterday and did you see how many signs where there talking about the shitty situation of Australia's Internet?

    If you can't look after your own back yard you should not try to fix other people's issues - and BTW maybe there are none and it's actually OK!

  6. Peter 39


    >But the minister is not sure that ICANN is ready for the job

    How the heck would HE know ??

    And this is what his Attorney General is up to ...

    Attorney General's new war on encrypted web services,attorney-generals-new-war-on-encrypted-web-services.aspx

    Basically, you have to give up your SSL keys to the "authorities"

    >Under the department's plan, "law enforcement, anti-corruption and national

    >security agencies … [would be able] to apply to an independent issuing authority

    >for a warrant authorising the agency to issue 'intelligibility assistance notices' to

    >service providers and other persons".

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