back to article eBay boss tells workers to ignore 'noisy' Icahn's PayPal sale campaign

eBay chief John Donahoe has warned employees to ignore Carl Icahn's "noise" about the board and the proposed spin-off of PayPal. Icahn has been engaged in a fierce campaign to convince the online bazaar to spin off the payments firm and has levelled allegations that the board isn't fit to make the decision, claiming conflicts …


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  1. Chris McEwam

    Anyone Listen anymore

    is anyone listening to Ichaan now? he just seems to shift from one place to another making waves.

    but then again its Americans we are on about, all knee jerk panic, react, oops.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Anyone Listen anymore

      And you? Jerk, jerk, jerk.....ooops...

  2. lglethal Silver badge


    "... the stock has outperformed both the S&P 500 and the stock of Icahn Enterprises."

    And take that! ;)

    1. g e

      Re: Burn!

      +35 thumbs up

  3. g e

    Hey Carl

    Fuck off.

  4. WonkoTheSane

    PayPal sale?

    It'd be ironic if a bank bought it.

  5. Zombieman

    Carl Icahn is starting to remind me of a one man version of Statler and Waldorf from The Muppet Show - looking at their Wikipedia page and pictures of Carl on the web I'd say he's even starting to resemble Statler.

    1. Mpeler

      I think he looks more like Mel Brooks....although I must say that Mel Brooks would be a lot more fun, and

      probably a better shareholder too.....

      Hmmm....Springtime for Icahn....has a ring to it....

  6. Anonymous Coward 101

    Ebay buying Paypal was a rare example of a takeover actually having 'synergies': it worked for Ebay having a secure method of payment for customers that it could also levy fees on. So it is no surprise that an 'investor' demands that Ebay should sell off Paypal, presumably so that it can then spend the proceeds on a VOIP service or something equally insane.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      having seen our pet Tosser Incestor in the past. I expect he will get his board members to either distribute the cash or do a share buy-back. Either of which will increase the size of his money hoard. (Of course, it will affect ebay in the long term, but he will be long gone by then).

  7. localzuk Silver badge

    Icahn is a short-termist

    His investment plans are always in the 'smash and grab' style of finance. He wants to make a quick buck, and doesn't care if the company fails after that. Long term investments? Pah. Who needs em?

    Its a moronic method of working in any industry, especially online retail.

  8. RobinJewsbury

    I agree with Carl Icahn

    Unlike the other commentators I agree with Carl. Ebay clearly squandered its holding of Skype and the fact it was a board member that benefitted to the tune of $4B needs to be questioned as he has done.

    Carl says of ebay that its the worst company he has ever seen and I agree. The incompetance goes well beyond the mis-handling of the Skype sale. The eBay product itself should be questioned and the move up market to professional sellers just puts them in competition with Amazon where they will not win. PayPal is a great company but it has not been handled properly by its parent. It could be in a dominant position now if it were not from its mis-management.

    1. gazthejourno (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: I agree with Carl Icahn

      Is that you, Carl?

      1. FrankAlphaXII

        Re: I agree with Carl Icahn

        One post, just to defend Carl Icahn.

        I wonder if he pays more than the Chinese do for comments.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: I agree with Carl Icahn (AND I DONT!!!)


      Carl Icahn is a rape,burn and pillage "investor" and should be ignored at best, burned at the stake at worst.

      Someone needs to pour molten lead down his throat just to shut him up.

      Eff him and all he stands for.

    3. r-d

      Re: I agree with Carl Icahn

      Astroturfing is so 1985.

  9. Da Weezil

    This guy reminds me of a holding company here in the UK. Some years ago they took control of a much loved High St retailer - a national chain. A few months later I saw a news item in the financials about how they had sold off the freeholds *to gain money for investment* - the retailer was sold (or floated I forget which) shortly afterwards.

    Fast forward to the recent crash and this retailer went to the wall taking the jobs of many people with it because with the decline in sales they could no longer meet the rents on the premises they once owned freehold.

    Icahn is just this sort of asset stripper, caring only for his own enrichment. People like him should be barred from holding shares where they can directly affect the lives of (potentially) thousands of employees to feed their greed.

    Carl.. you worthless parasite..... get a proper job! Stop scavenging off of the backs of proper hard working people.

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