back to article 4G auction helped keep mobile networks competitive ... for NOW

The auctioning off of radio spectrum for the delivery of "4G" mobile broadband services did not result in the distortion of competition in the market, a spending watchdog has said. The National Audit Office (NAO) said that the 4G auction run by the UK's telecoms regulator Ofcom last year achieved one of its two main objectives …


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  1. All names Taken
    Paris Hilton


    Another example of UK "money is in a limitless supply" mantra-mindwarp-thingie?

    Rather than auction with bids at cost how about, just as an example:

    O*com: Yeah, tell us what you want, get in a huddle and sort it out amicably though. No fighting! Put it in writing then give us time to sort it out with central government.

    T*lco: But what about the costs? How much do you want upfront and how do we pay?

    O*com: You will need to pay me all the costs upfront in cash to my bank account. Only kidding folks!

    This time there will not be an auction with costs paid upfront. We want to use a different model because we know that Telcos do not generate money from fresh air but get it from their users and customers.

    We overcharge you, you overcharge your clients might be the usual way but we are a public body and charged to look after public needs so this time you will pay us a commission

    Easy innit?

  2. Mage Silver badge



    The real point of the spectrum auctions and TV digital dividend is a bit of instant cash for the Government.

    There are better ways.

  3. Martin Summers Silver badge

    Why charge?

    Who else in all reality is going to use this spectrum other than telecoms companies? What is the point in charging them to use it when only they will have the means to do so and it's usage benefits a large amount of the population.

    If they gave the spectrum out for free, then we (yes this is utopian) *might* just might be charged a decent price for mobile packages and have amazing fast coverage with more of the operators cash being sunk into network investment. In fact, if the regulator wanted to they could even make it a condition of the licence that they do this.

    All this auction cash just gets absorbed into government, then what,what do we see of it? We end up paying for mobile tariffs that cost more than a fixed bloody phone line.

    Give them the spectrum, with emphasis on the conditions, they can't moan then when it's taken away from them for not fulfilling them. Stop wasting everyone's time and trying to justify your jobs to your paymaster, Ofcom you are a regulator, not Sotheby's. Get your priorities straight.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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