back to article Seagate links hands with German BOSS, stomps its BigFoot

Seagate has joined forces with a German storage firm to produce the BigFoot Object Storage Solution, aimed at scale-out cloud customers. BOSS, produced jointly by Seagate and Rausch Netzwerktechnik GmbH, uses Seagate's Kinetic drives. The two say BigFoot "offers data centres increased packing density - providing more storage …


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    This is all very well, but what about bringing back the original Bigfoot drive?

    The Quantum Bigfoot was 5.25 inch format. It was large, both physically and more importantly in storage capacity, slow, reliable and cheap. Whatsnottolike?

  2. oddie


    I was hoping for a return to the 5.24 spinners as well when I read the headline... they wouldn't fit in my media player, but my desktop comp would welcome it easily... and I could easily live with a slightly bigger USB3 harddrive storage thing...

    161% _increase_ in surface area? as long as anyone is crazy enough to build it I would be crazy enough to buy it :) (as long as they went with the old quantum strategy and also made it cheap... oh well, one can dream)

    Never mind tomorrows tech, we could have 10.5tb drives right now in stead of 4tb ones :)

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  3. Richy Freeway
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    Quantum Bigfoot was my first hard drive upgrade, went from an 80MB up to the dizzying heights of 4.3GB.

    Good times.

  4. Mr Anonymous

    "None of these have Kinetic drives mentioned in their component overviews"

    However, they do mention open-e so they're standard ISCSI/CIFS storage boxes using SATA/SAS.

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