back to article Basho's CEO, CTO and chief architect leave the NoSQL upstart

Riak database steward Basho has lost its chief executive, its chief architect, and now its chief technology officer in the past three months. But we're assured that the upstart's distributed system dream will be kept alive and well. The Register has learned that CTO Justin Sheehy will soon be off to pastures unknown; chief …


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  1. Don Jefe

    Super Saturated Statements

    Their PR/Marketing person has left as well I see. I know that because it takes many years of skill building and experience to gain that level of mastery in ExecuSpeak. Having written more than my fair share of firebreak press releases I can recognize the subtle signs that can only come from a true master.

    I strongly suspect the executive who crafted this document is a veteran of the original .com period. If not, he has been possessed by the spirit of such a person. Not very many of us escaped the first collapse of the commercial Internet industry you know. What many do not realize is that the first bubble wasn't just about demonstrating the power of the Underwear Gnome business model, ohhh no! What sounds like either gibberish or genius (depending on your intelligence) are actually the vocal component of the blackest sort of ancient magic. Sure, getting money thrown at them and the ability to somehow lose 3750x of investors money while wearing the absolutely worst suits imaginable are the most visible results of their black arts there is a much greater power lurking there. Once the steps above have been completed, all that remains is for the executive to speak the secret words of the 'Vertical Paradigm of Parallel Opportunities of Incremental Expansion Disrupting Traditional Economies Converging on Early Liquidity' spell to gain the ability to take possession of a chosen executive when they detect an attempt to use the words of power to cloak their vulnerability. I know it can be done, so there you go.

    Another indicator of executive origin is that it is absolutely impossible for a communications professional to write like that. Can't happen. Only the most battle scared communications professional can even read it without an experiencing an instant aneurism. People tend to think ExecuSpeak is a simple thing, but I assure you it isn't. Walk up to a stranger and read any paragraph from this article and they will smack the ever loving shit out of you.

    1. Roo

      Re: Super Saturated Statements

      "People tend to think ExecuSpeak is a simple thing"

      It becomes very simple if you strip out the filler, and discard all the stuff that contradicts itself.

      Quite often you are left with nothing, and in those cases the meaning is even simpler: The Exec is making Noise to be Heard and therefore appear Relevant.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Question on Riak

    Is it possible to use the strongly consistent version of Riak to create a globally distributed name space for an underlying data storage system? I'd love to know if this is possible to aggregate multiple nodes like Scale IO does from EMC?

    1. tsantero

      Re: Question on Riak

      Quite possibly, depending on your definition of "globally distributed." Multi-Datacenter Replication support for Strongly Consistent buckets is not expected to land until the 2.1 release, so if by globally distributed you're referring to geographic distribution of serveral independent clusters, you'll have to wait for that release. Otherwise, if you're referring to global in the sense of shared state across a single cluster, then strong consistency as it is should suffice.

      - tsantero at basho dot com

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