back to article Twelve million hit as Korea suffers ANOTHER massive data breach

The South Korean government was forced to launch an inquiry today after another massive data breach rocked the country, time the theft of account information belonging to 12 million customers of telco KT Corp. The Incheon Metropolitan Police said on Thursday it arrested two hackers and the CEO of a telemarketing firm last week …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Having worked with South Korean companies for many years I can tell you they don't really care about privacy of customers, if they can't quantify the revenue or cost of things they don't invest in it. Only if the Korean government comes down hard and raises awareness of these things will they act. Just look at the LG smart TV incident.

    1. Gordon Pryra

      Special Website


      A rushed implementation of the cheapest possible way to launch a website will allow those who took the data to veryify which of the accounts are actually live accounts once they get the guy inside who they used last time to give them the passwords. Massively increasing the datas value!!

  2. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

    So Korean ISPs ignoring years of complaints about their hosting of spammers, hackers, crime gangs, and fake KRNIC records is going along just fine without issue.

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