back to article VSAN emerges at a WHOPPING 32 nodes and two MEEELION IOPS

VMware has revealed the details of its virtual storage area network, the prosically-named VSAN. Virtzilla revealed the existence of VSAN at last year's VMworld and quickly offered a beta. That's been taken up by 12,000 folks, VMware says. They've given it a jolly good shakedown cruise and next week it will emerge as a product …


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  1. Mikel

    Say what?

    Openfiler is free. You can buy support if you want it.

  2. @infrx

    "broad partner ecosystem support"

    Not forgetting Facebook, Open Compute Project Hardware...

    Which Eric Sarakaitis, Virtualization Engineer at CBTS wrote a nice blog about:

    looking forward to trying it out!

  3. Stephen_Madden

    Huge advances in data centre technology - it's about the SW.

    A tectonic shift in the data centre. Atlantis ILIO USX with VSAN makes things interesting with additional performance again for intensive applications. Atlantis ILIO USX extends VMware VSAN by pooling VSANs. ILIO scale is very well proven driving massive deployments in mission critical environments.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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