back to article KCOM caught in yet ANOTHER customer privacy snafu

Hull-based telco KCOM has coughed to another privacy clanger - this time admitting to wrongly sharing some of its customers' email addresses with other subscribers. But it's unclear whether the ISP has turned itself into the Information Commissioner's Office to report the latest data protection cockup. The Register has asked …


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  1. Steven Bloomfield

    The pot calling the kettle black

    Mistakes happen, I'm sure The Reg will agree eh?

    If I recall right, it was about 3 years ago when all The Reg subscribers addresses were visible in an e-mail.

    1. rhydian

      Re: The pot calling the kettle black

      That it was, but El Reg did report itself to the ICO and informed all users that it had done so (and ran a story IIRC).

    2. James O'Brien

      Re: The pot calling the kettle black

      Yes you are correct on El Reg doing this, I was one of those affected. But it did not happen to ALL reg users, just about 10k or so IIRC. Atleast El Reg was upfront and did turn themselves in.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: The pot calling the kettle black

      We wrote a story about this at the time, told everyone affected - and reported ourself to the relevant authority, which decided that no sanctions were needed. We also tweaked some software so that we could not make that same mistake again.

  2. JurassicPark

    Leaving Karoo

    And it's one of the reasons I'm leaving Karoo (KC's internet arm). Sky's broadband/phoneline offering is £20 per month cheaper with unlimited downloads rather than a 30GB cap / 2Mb download, so it's bye-bye KC The only advantage of a KC line is free local calls for 23h59m per day, but who stays on the line that long?

    Not sure if that's from the frying-pan...etc etc. , time will tell.

    1. Empty1

      Re: Leaving Karoo

      I'd go as well if there was an alternative.

  3. greenmoose

    I put this on my local newspapers website as they where getting histrionic about it too. It should be punished, maybe in the form of a corporate fine - but compensation? No... the only reason this made news at all is because some money grabbing hullite sees dollar signs and thinks they can cash in...

    "From a technical point of view this is a bit embarrassing, but it has nothing to do with any conversation about alleged "monopoly" behaviour in Hull and saying otherwise in a story like this is just antagonistic and unhelpful. I'm guessing the extra email address was either added to the To: or Cc: fields, or maybe even the message body ... not really the end of the world, definitely not a case for compensation. Incidentally i live in the East Riding and have KC as an option - and i'd use them over every one of the other Comms providers i've had the misfortune to come accross since i moved out of Hull, i was delighted when i found KC offered service in my new house!"

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